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Hen Do Weekends in Hvar

About Hvar

Why choose a Hvar Hen Do?

Different people want different things out of hen dos, so we make sure that we are able to offer destinations that fill the broad spectrum of requests we see on a daily basis, and the addition of Hvar to that list was an absolute brainwave. This is a beautiful Croatian island in the Adriatic Sea, with temperatures averaging up to 30°C in the summer months, and this amazing weather, combined with it being somewhere new to travel, means that it is an absolute haven for those ladies who want a Hen Do themed around sea, sun and sand. A Hvar Hen Do has lots of all three and is happy to share it with anyone who wishes to visit.

The island of Hvar has been a tourist hotspot for decades, and is only becoming more popular with groups as time goes on. This unique location is somewhere you will never forget, which why going on a Hvar Hen Do is such an essential experience. After all, you want your Hen Do to be memorable, and a weekend in Hvar will definitely not be forgotten in a hurry.

Getting There and Getting around

Getting to Hvar involves jumping on a plane to Split, before then taking advantage of one of the many transport methods that will take you to the island (taxi, bus, etc). The great news is that you can currently get direct flights to Split from ten airports around the UK, so this leg of the journey can easily be arranged no matter where you are all based.

Once you arrive in Hvar, you’ll discover that you don’t need much in the way of transport to get around, but if you do (for example, if you are going away from the town to experience some of the serene island life) there are plenty of buses that make it easy for you to get to and from wherever you want to go. All part and parcel of the service that makes a Hvar Hen Do so special.

Where to Stay?

As always with a hen do, you need to ensure that you have somewhere great to stay while you are away, and the good news is that on a Hvar Hen Do, the accommodation options are brilliant. Most groups tend to go for a quality, well located hotel that can offer you everything you are looking for without breaking the bank, which is always good to hear.

Popular activities

For many groups, activities are a secondary concern on a weekend like this. You may want to just relax on the beach or by the pool and soak up the bounteous sunlight – and that’s obviously great for some hen weekend parties. If you fancy a little something to break up the sunbathing, however, then you’ll be pleased to know that Hvar has options that are extremely popular with our hen parties. If you’d like something refined, then the wine tasting activity is always popular – and if you fancy sunbathing in style, then the boat charter is a definite option as well.

As the general vibe of a Hvar Hen Do tends to be one of relaxation, it’s also worth looking at some of the Pamper Days that are available. After all, sunbathing is lovely, but having treatments and being looked after will make you feel even better and even more relaxed.

Alternatively, if you want to break up the relaxation with an activity designed to get your heart pumping and your adrenaline flowing, there are a few options for that as well. Easily the most popular are the jet skis, where you can spend some time zooming around the coast of this amazing island with the power of a motor vehicle between your legs. The other one that is worth mentioning is the Tandem Sky Dive. Whether you all choose to take part in this one, or just club together to give the hen an experience she’ll never forget, it’s well worth considering.


In the evenings, Hvar springs to life as you might expect, with a brilliant array of bars and clubs. We’d always recommend looking at booking one of the great bar tours that the island offers. These are hugely popular with all Hvar Hen Dos and mean that you’ll get shown where the best places to drink are throughout the island. Your English-speaking guide will make sure that you are well looked after and will ensure that you drink only the best in local beverages.

After a tour around all the popular bars, then a nightclub visit is almost always in order on any hen do, and this is particularly true on your Hvar Hen Do. The nightlife here has an atmosphere unlike anywhere else, and your evening in a nightclub will be one of the most memorable of your life. Whether you want to drink all night or are more interested in dancing until the sun comes up, Hvar has got you covered.

Hvar has a unique atmosphere which helps to make it feel like no sunny destination you have ever visited before. It is a place all of its own and should be high on your list for consideration when you are debating what is the best sun-filled destination for your hen weekend. If you would like to know more then just get in touch and let us quote you for the best beach-located hen weekend you have ever had.

We pride ourselves on tailoring all of our quotes to suit the exact requirements of your group, so just give us a call and discuss your options, and pretty soon you will find that we have sent you a quote for your perfect Hvar Hen Do.

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What Can You Do In Hvar?