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About Gdansk

Why pick a Gdansk Stag Do?

Gdansk is one of those places that almost no-one thinks of for a stag do, and it is a crying shame that is the case. This amazing city is on the rise as a popular stag party destination for a variety of reasons. It has a range of cheap flights available from a selection of UK airports, meaning that it is easy to get to, and with beer prices averaging around £1.50 per pint, you’d be an absolute fool not book a Gdansk Stag Do, head out there and enjoy everything that this city has to offer.

Where is Gdansk?

Gdansk is a city in the north of Poland, and is well known for many things including its architecture, its cuisine and for being the home of St Dominic’s Fair, one of the biggest trade and culture open-air events in Europe that has been running since the middle of the 13 th century. As well as these attractions, Gdansk is one of Poland’s best cities for a weekend away, as it's tourism trade increases year on year, meaning that every year more activities are added for tourists to enjoy, most of which are perfectly suited to a Gdansk Stag Do.

Where to Stay?

Accommodation for a Gdansk Stag Do is exceedingly well priced and there are a variety of options available to you when you are planning your weekend away. Depending on your budget and requirements, you can choose between everything from a great value hotel, some stylish apartments, or an utterly luxurious hotel, your Gdansk Stag Do will find a home from home here in this amazing city.

Popular activities

The selection of activities you can indulge in on your Gdansk Stag Do is absolutely huge. Being a coastal city there are lots of water-based activities that often appeal to a lot of groups. The banana boat, for example, is a popular favourite – if you’ve never been on one before you are missing out. It’s a giant yellow boat (shaped like a banana, but you could probably have guessed that bit) which is towed at high speed along the coastline – letting you feel the wind in your hair, the exhiliration of speed and admire the beautiful coastline of this amazing destination.

That’s not the only water-based activity that a Gdansk Stag Do has to offer though – the other two hugely popular options are Jet Skiing and Parascending. Jet Skiing is popular because of the unique handling of the vehicles (they are often described as “motorbikes of the sea”) and Parascending is popular because when else do you get the chance to fly through the sky above such a beautiful ocean?

Water-based activities aren’t the only options for your Gdansk Stag Do though. There are nearly forty different activities that you can pick from (at the time of writing), so whatever you desire, it can be arranged. The singular most popular activity for any Gdansk stag do is the firearms shooting – giving you opportunities to shoot guns that you’d never get to lay your hands on in the UK. (All in a safe and controlled manner of course)


If you’ve never been on a night out in Poland, you are missing out. The whole country is full of fun and exciting options for your nights out, and this is just as true in Gdansk as it is anywhere else. For a start, if you want to arrange a dinner on your Gdansk Stag Do (and lets be honest, everyone’s got to eat at some point), then you could arrange some traditional Polish cuisine, and that would fill you up and get you ready for your night out. But if you were looking for something a bit more memorable, why not push the boat out and try some Naked Sushi? This activity is exactly what it sounds like – and rest assured, eating your dinner off a beautiful woman will certainly make everything taste better.

Since Poland is famous for its vodka, why not line up a tasting session next – lots of people say you can’t taste the difference between vodkas, but those people tend to not have drunk it in Poland! Once you are all well lubricated and want to hit the town proper, you will be spoilt for choice, as there are so many pubs and bars to visit. In fact, the number of pubs and bars is so high, that most Gdansk Stag Dos decide to book a guided bar crawl, letting a local show you the best places to drink (and enjoying some complimentary beverages along the way).

After a good round of “how many bars can we visit in one night”, you’ll want to find somewhere to settle down and relax for the rest of your night out – and that’s no problem either. Whether you want to finish your night at a nightclub, a gentlemen’s club, a casino or just in a comfortable bar, your Gdansk Stag Do will be truly memorable and out of this world.

Getting there and Getting around

Getting to Gdansk is pretty easy. Direct flights are available from a selection of airports around the UK, and they can be less than £10 per ticket if you go at the right time of year! Once you arrive there, the airport is about twenty minutes away from the city centre, and you can either get some private transfers to take you right to where you want to go, or if you are working to a tight budget, there are buses and trains that will take you to the centre for as little as one euro.

If a Gdansk stag do sounds like it might be the one for you, get in touch and speak to one of our stag do package specialists who will tailor make a quote for your perfect Gdansk Stag Do.

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