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About Hamburg

Why have a Hamburg Stag Do?

Some destinations have always been classic Stag Do locations, and some are just now working their way up the ranks to become the new standard. And Hamburg is definitely en-route to the top of that list. With flights available from a large selection of airports around the country, and a public transportation system at the other end that is second to none, Hamburg has the perfect infrastructure to host your stag party.

But what good is an infrastructure without the character to back it up? Luckily you won’t have to find out if you decide to go on a Hamburg Stag Do. After all, this city contains the most infamous stag weekend location in all of Germany – the Reeperbahn itself! This party district is the centre of Hamburg’s nightlife, and is an absolute joy to spend time on – you’ll never be far from anything you want, perfect for that all important stag do.

Where to Stay?

As a huge city, Hamburg has a great selection of places to stay, no matter what your desires, requirements or budget may be. In other words, your Hamburg Stag Do will be able to find a home base for the weekend no matter what sort of home base you would like. If you want to keep the costs nice and low and just have somewhere to sleep, then Germany is the home to some of the worlds best hostels, which would tick those boxes for you. Maybe you fancy a bit of living space for the group, and want to see what options are available in that area? The good news there is that apartments are a common accommodation type, and always give you that living room space to relax in.

If, on the other hand, you want something a bit posher or a bit more upmarket for your Hamburg Stag Do, we can arrange that as well. In fact, if you want a high class hotel complete with facilities and everything else – just ask, and if it’s available when you want it, we’ll have no problem arranging it for you.

Popular activities

We’ve already mentioned the infamous Reeperbahn, and sure, you can spend all day and all night drinking there if you want, but at some point you may want to break up the drinking with some other activities for your Hamburg Stag Do. The good news there is that Hamburg has a great selection of activities for you to pick from.

The activities in Hamburg are all great, and the most popular of all of these is the Beer Bike. This amazing activity sees all the members of your Hamburg Stag Do pedalling what is essentially a giant bar around the city, while enjoying drinks as you do so. This is a perfect way to see the sights and really get to experience the atmosphere of Hamburg, with having to do any pesky walking, and while enjoying a drink or three.

The Wakeboarding is another popular choice, as it’s an activity that not many people get the chance to do, but is something you will always remember. Also on our list of popular Hamburg Activities is the firearms shooting. As the laws in Germany regarding what firearms you can handle are different to those in the UK, you’ll get the opportunity to fire some weaponry you’d never get the chance to touch here. It’s thrilling and exciting in equal measure.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Hamburg Stag Do Activities. Essentially, this city will find a way to entertain you even for those moments that you don’t have a drink in your hand, making it an absolutely perfect destination.


But of course, the nightlife is the pinnacle of a Hamburg Stag Do – what else would you expect from a country whose beer is famous across the world. In fact, while the best thing about German beer is the taste (because it tastes absolutely amazing), the second best thing about German beer is the lack of hangover! Because there are such strict rules about what can be used to brew beer and the purity of it, you will better after five pints of German beer than you do after two pints of beer here in the UK.

For your night out, the Reeperbahn holds everything you could possibly want for a night out – bars, clubs, pubs, strip clubs and more – it takes its reputation strongly and you will most definitely be satisfied by a night out here. If you like the idea, but are worried about being overwhelmed and missing out on the best places to drink while you are out and about, why not book a guided bar tour? These are led by locals and will show you all of the best places for a drink, and may even include some free drinks or drinks promotions along the way.

If you are still unsure about planning a Hamburg Stag Do, then why not consider what John Lennon said, “I might have been born in Liverpool – but I grew up in Hamburg”. If that city can impress one of the world's most famous rock and roll stars, then imagine just how perfect it would be for your Stag Do. If this has intrigued you, and you’d like to see just how good a Hamburg Stag Do would be for your group (and you’d also like to see what great value for money it is), then get in touch and let us know. We can easily tailor make you a perfect quote for your Hamburg Stag Do in minutes, and then you can get it booked up as soon as possible.

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