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About Marbella

Why should I choose a Marbella Stag Do?

Marbella really is the place that has something for everyone, no matter how diverse your stag group may be. Known affectionately as “Marbz” by some of the super-rich, Marbella has a rich culture with a distinctive array of festivals such as the Fiesta of San Bernabe which is in honour of the patron saint of Marbella.

What Marbella also has is some amazing sun, some beautiful beaches, and some of the best nightlife you are ever likely to encounter, meaning that a Marbella Stag Do is one of those options that will really feel like you are pushing the boat out and escape the grey drudgery of the UK. And lets be honest, who could blame you?

How to get there?

Getting to Marbella from the UK is pretty straightforward. The closest airport to Marbella is Malaga, and there are flights available to Malaga from a variety of airports around the country. These flights are plentiful and often an absolute bargain, meaning that you can head out to one of the poshest and most super-rich destinations, without having to spend a fortune on the flights, which is great.

Once you arrive at Malaga Airport you can jump into some pre-arranged transfers (if you choose to include them as part of your Malaga Stag Do package), and they will zoom you down the coast to the wonderful world of Marbella.

Where to Stay?

Accommodation options for your Marbella Stag Do are plentiful. The most popular option (as with many of our Spanish destinations) is apartments that usually sleep between four and six of you per apartment. These are great, because they give you some living space to hang out in, rather than everyone having to cram into someone’s hotel room, and they usually have a Pool as part of the complex as well, so you don’t have to go very far to find somewhere to have a swim and a sunbathe.

Popular activities

In between your scheduled times to drink, sunbathe and just generally enjoy the beautiful beaches on your Marbella Stag Do, you may want to include some activities for you and the lads. The good news here is that there are a great selection of options available to you at this remarkable destination. Obviously, given the location of Marbella itself, one of the most popular options is the Catamaran Cruise. After all, what could be a better way to spend a Marbella Stag Do than relaxing on a beautiful boat with a drink in hand, music playing and surrounded by beautiful women? You can even go a step further in Marbella and opt for the boat charter, so that the trip is just your party, making it an even more exclusive event.

If you want to do something a bit more exciting on the water as a part of your Marbella Stag Do, then I highly recommend the Jet Skiing option. While this is something you can do at many different destinations around the world, the combination of the powerful machine between your legs, the scorching Spanish sun and the beautiful scenery is something that will grant you a unique experience in Marbella.

An activity that is quickly increasing in popularity amongst Marbella Stag Dos is the Fly Boarding activity. This sees you strapped to something that looks like a snowboard, but with the ability to fire water jets out of the bottom of it. Pretty soon the instructor will rev the attached jet ski, which will cause the jets to come shooting out of the bottom and you’ll hover up into the sky – it’s an experience that is unlike any other activity, and it’s highly recommended as a part of your Marbella Stag Do.


After all of these great recommendations about what to do during the day, you may be worried that the nightlife on your Marbella Stag Do won’t live up to the hype. Well the good news there is that you could not be more wrong. A night out in Marbella is absolutely amazing and will stay in your memory for many years to come.

If you want to keep up the luxury experience, why not book yourselves onto a guided bar crawl? This private tour will give you a friendly, local, English-speaking guide who will take you around to all of the best bars and nightspots in the area. They’ll tell you all about it, they’ll take you to places that are offering the best drinks promotions, and they may even be able to get you a free drink or two throughout the evening, which is always a bonus!

After you’ve visited a few bars, the most common activity for many Marbella Stag Dos is to head to one of the nightclubs that this area is famous for. You’ll encounter amazing music, tasty drinks and an atmosphere that is unlike any other you’ve ever experienced. Before long you and the lads will be on the dancefloor, drinking and dancing your way all the way through until the next morning.

Doesn’t a Marbella Stag Do sound like a great idea? The combination of gorgeous sunshine, friendly locals and amazing activities seems ideal, and once you’ve combined it with the famous nightlife, then it seems clear that Marbella is a great place to spend a couple of nights.

If you are interested, give us a call. We’ll create you a personalised quote that will incorporate everything you are interested in, as well as sticking to the budget that you’ve given us. Before long, you’ll have the price for your perfect Marbella Stag Do, and then all you’ll have to do is book it!

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