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Stag Do Weekends in Sofia

About Sofia

Sofia is not a city that everyone thinks of when you are considering a Stag Weekend. In fact, let's be honest, it's a city that a lot of people don’t even know where it is. Well for those of you who didn’t know (and those who were pretending they did to seem clever), Sofia is the capital city of Bulgaria and an amazing city full of cultural and historical sites. More importantly for us, however, is the fact that it has rapidly grown in popularity with regards to stag weekends, and has become a popular option for very good reason.

With flights easily available from major UK airports, there’s no challenge getting there, and once you get there you’ll feel like you belong. Accommodation is central and plentiful, so whatever budget you are working to, you won’t have any problem finding somewhere to stay. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Sofia is full of things to do, and has a wide range of activities available throughout the year. If you are heading out in the summer months then popular outdoor activities such as Wakeboarding, White Water Rafting and even Bungee jumping are hugely popular, allowing you the rush of adrenaline that all good stag weekends are made of. Alternatively, you can visit in the winter for an entirely different feel and ride the ever-exciting snowmobiles.

Couple these with activities that exist all year round such as escape rooms, Go-Karting and the always popular firearms shooting, and I’m sure you are beginning to see why Sofia is such a perfect destination for your stag do weekend.

And we’ve not even mentioned the nightlife yet! Sofia is full of brilliant restaurants, bars, clubs, gentlemens clubs and casinos so you aren’t going to be lacking in places to go. And with the average pint costing just over a pound, you won’t break the bank on your big night out either. So why not get in touch and let us give you a quote for your perfect Sofia Stag Do Weekend – I promise that you won’t regret it!

What Can You Do In Sofia?