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What can we say about this truly unique experience? Our highly trained, uniformed operatives will turn up and arrest your stag. From there, blindfolded, handcuffed and in distress, they'll be bundled in the back of a car or van and driven off to a black site for interrogation. Only kidding! Yes, they'll be blindfolded, yes, they'll be handcuffed and it's very likely they'll be wondering what the heck is happening! The black site we mention is actually a Gentleman’s club and once there his blindfold is removed and lo and behold, he's on stage and you're all there, in the audience, no doubt in hysterics, beers in hand ready for the strippers to descend on the stag and give him a reward for being such a good victim!

A word of warning, this activity needs the whole group’s cooperation beforehand and if the stag begins to panic, they will be told immediately that it's a prank.

If you like the idea of a stag arrest stag do weekend, enquire now and speak to one of our stag weekend experts to create the best stag arrest package.

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