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About Warsaw

Why choose a Warsaw Stag Do?

Warsaw is the capital of Poland, and has long been considered to be an absolute mecca for Stag Dos. Since it joined the EU in the early twenty-first century, Poland has been associated with great holidays away – particularly for parties and other such adventures – and it wouldn’t keep that reputation without its capital providing an amazing experience for all concerned.

In fact, Warsaw Stag Dos have been increasing in popularity for the last decade or so, primarily due to the atmosphere and facilities available in this popular destination. There are plenty of things to do, lots of things to see and loads of different drinks to sample, all of which add to the brilliance of a Warsaw Stag Do.

Getting there and Getting Around

Flights to Warsaw are easy to find, usually cheap and available from a vast array of UK airports, so travelling to Poland is not a hassle whatsoever. Couple that with the fact that there are plentiful options for how to travel from the airport to the city centre, and you’ll be celebrating your Warsaw Stag Do before you know it.

Once you arrive, you’ll find that navigating your way around the city is nice and easy. There are multiple public transport systems in place, including buses, trams and the metro, which means that you’ll never be far away from something that can transport you to where you are going, which is always an advantage for your Warsaw Stag Do.

Where to Stay?

Where to stay is always a big question when organising a Warsaw Stag Do, the good news is that there is a wide range of accommodation available which is well-located, well looked after and well within your budget. These options range from cheap and cheerful right through to the most luxurious type of accommodation you can imagine. In short, Warsaw Stag Dos have a great choice for where to stay when arranging the most important weekend if your life.

The most popular option for stag dos tends to be the apartment style accommodation in the centre of the city. The advantage of this being that you get a little living space alongside your bedrooms, so that you’ve got somewhere communal that you can all try and get rid of your hangovers together – which may well be needed!

Popular activities

As far as activities are concerned, this city provides all of the best that you can think of – with the firearms packages in particular being particularly popular amongst those planning a Warsaw Stag Do. These allow you to pick up and fire weapons that you’d never even be able to touch in the UK, meaning that your weekend away will be one that will be unforgettable. The firearms packages are also popular because of how competitive they are – you'll quickly be able to take aim and see who is the most accurate of you all.

Other popular options include the freefall simulator, which gives you the opportunity to experience what skydiving is like without the huge cost of going up in a plane to start with (or having to face the terrifying experience of jumping out of it!). Alternatively, if you are brave enough, bungee jumping is available and always a memorable experience - you can either all take a turn or just club together and get the stag to take the plunge while you all watch and film it.


For any night out, Warsaw is an absolute godsend. Seriously, you may think you’ve been on the best possible nights out already, but all of those will pale in comparison to the nights out you’ll experience on your Warsaw Stag Do. This city is full of bars and clubs, all keen to welcome you in and get you to experience a night out Warsaw-style.

If you want to stop and grab something to eat (which is always recommended before a big night out), then why not embrace the best of both worlds and book a stripper dinner? That way you can enjoy some of the best food you’ve ever eaten while being entertained by one of the most beautiful women you’ve ever seen. Sounds perfect, doesn’t it? It is one of the best ways to start off an evening of your Warsaw Stag Do.

After the meal, you’ll be in the mood for a drink or three I’m sure. Since you are in Poland, the home of some of the best vodka in the world, why not book a vodka tasting session? You’ll get the chance to try a selection of Poland’s finest vodkas, which is a great experience and will also help you on the way to getting nicely drunk for the rest of the evening.

But whether or not you want to choose any other evening activities, the one that we can all agree on is going out for a few drinks. Given the popularity of Warsaw and the proliferation of great places to drink, you can take advantage of some local knowledge by booking a guided bar tour. That way an english-speaking local will be able to take you around the best bars in the city, with a few drinks included as well. What more could you want for your Warsaw Stag Do?

All in all, Warsaw is easily one of the best stag do locations you can consider – so get in touch and let us plan your Warsaw Stag Do today. We’ll take all the information that you give us and craft you a perfect personalised quote that includes everything you want while keeping within the budget that you have requested. Get in touch today and we’ll price up a Warsaw Stag Do for you.

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