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About Nottingham

Why choose a Nottingham Stag Do?

Famous for being the home of Robin Hood and his Merry Men, Nottingham has long been a popular choice for a good night out. Rather than being robbed of all your money, you’ll be surprised how far it stretches, as a Nottingham Stag Do offers tremendous value across all areas. That’s obviously not all that Nottingham has going for it – in fact, a Nottingham Stag Do is one of the most commonly picked stag do options for a midlands-based Stag Do.

We attribute this to a number of reasons – obviously the activities are great and the nightlife is outstanding, but it’s more than that. After all, we know that great Stag Do destinations are not made by just activities and nightlife, they are made by an indefinable X-Factor that it is impossible to properly articulate. It’s to do with the atmosphere, and the geography, and the locals, and everything else, which all combines together to make a Nottingham Stag Do one of the most perfect you’ll ever experience.

Where to Stay?

There’s never an issue with accommodation in Nottingham, the city has a great array of hotels, ensuring that you can always find one to suit your specific requirements. For some groups, the budget is the most important, and we can reflect that by finding you some of the most reasonably priced, well located accommodation for your Nottingham Stag Do. Don’t worry, no matter how cheap you go, the accommodation will have a roof, beds and be generally neat and tidy – we won’t just throw you into Sherwood Forest with a bunch of sticks and get you to fend for yourselves!

Alternatively, you might be a group for whom the budget is less of an issue, and the requirements are just that you want a level of comfort that is in excess of anything you get on a regular day. If that’s the case, we can ensure that you stay in one of the most luxurious hotels that Nottingham can provide. In essence, no matter what accommodation your Nottingham Stag Do requires, there will be no problem arranging it for you.

Popular activities

While Nottingham does have a wide selection of activities, there are a couple that are very popular – the first being Tank Driving. Nottingham is home to the only place in the country where you can drive full sized tanks – and who wouldn’t want to give that a try? These beasts will rumble across the fields as you do your best to drive them in your three-man teams, which is an activity you are unlikely to ever get the chance to try again, so why wouldn’t you take advantage of it when it is available for your Nottingham Stag Do?

As well as the Tank Driving, the other most popular Nottingham Stag Do options are Archery and Archery Tag. Being the home of Robin Hood, it is very fitting that we can offer these fun bow and arrow-based activities in Nottingham – grab a bow and see which of you would make the best outlaw! You’ll compete with each other to see who can hit targets at a great distance, who has the best aim, and who would be able to shoot an apple off someone’s head without even batting an eyelid.


Before heading out on a night of drinking, you need to fill your stomach, and Nottingham has a wide selection of restaurants to allow you to fill up before you go out. No matter what your preferred type of food may be, you’ll have no problem finding somewhere to eat on your Nottingham Stag Do. In fact, the most popular restaurant we send groups to tends to be Hooters Breastaurant, as since you’ve got to eat anyway, why not eat somewhere with a good view?

Nights out on a Nottingham Stag Do can be absolutely amazing. As I insinuated earlier, the combination of the bars, the atmosphere, the locals and the fact that everything is nice and close to each other means that any night out will be full of drinking, laughing and all kinds of entertainment.

If you are a group who enjoy pre-planned evening activities to start the night off, there’s a few options for you in Nottingham. A private Poker Tournament is always a great start to an evening, giving you a chance to win some money and play some cards with your mates before you head out drinking. Another popular option that is a reasonably new one for Nottingham Stag Dos is a Karaoke session. If you are a group of lads who really enjoy belting out a song or two, why not book an hour or two at a private Karaoke booth to start the night off right?

Once you are out trying the pubs and bars of the city, you’ll quickly discover what an amazing selection of nightspots there are for you to visit on your Nottingham Stag Do. With all this choice, you are bound to find a bar or pub that you particularly enjoy and want to spend a couple of hours in before heading on somewhere else.

When it is time to head on somewhere else, there are plenty of nightclubs, Casinos and Gentlemen’s Clubs for you to pick from to ensure that the quality of your Nottingham Stag Do stays high for the entire weekend. In short, a trip to Nottingham might be one of the best things you’ve ever thought of. So why not get a quote today? We specialise in creating personalised, tailor made quotes for Nottingham Stag Dos, and we’d be happy to get one arranged for you as soon as possible.

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