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Stag Do Weekends in Oxford

About Oxford

Oxford is one of the most internationally well-known English cities. Many may think that this is due to the fact it is home to the oldest university in the English speaking world, and I am sure that is partly true. However, the other reason that it is famous is that considering it contains such a huge number of students, it is well known as a great location for a night out, which makes it an absolutely perfect stag weekend destination.

As you would imagine for a city full of students, the accommodation options are many and vast – and all are of extremely high quality. Whether you fancy a life of luxury, staying in a central four or five star hotel, or whether you are happy with a much more traditional hostel, Oxford can offer you both and all options in between.

Oxford’s reputation for greatness isn't only restricted to the university and the nightlife either. Being located inside a green belt area means that activities that require large open spaces (which are often miles away from most city centres) are much easier to get to from the centre of Oxford – which is a definite bonus. And there are a lot of outdoor activities of this type available in the area – Clay pigeon shooting, 4x4 Blind Driving, Quad Biking, Rage Buggies, Zorbing... the list goes on and on.

And then we circle back around to the nightlife in Oxford. And trust me, this will NOT disappoint you. With a large number of classic pubs, more modern bars and nightclubs all based on the same street, you will find travelling between them easy and simple – and as we all know, the less time you have to spend walking between drinking establishments means that you can spend more time enjoying yourselves WITHIN the drinking establishment itself.

So if you feel it is time to graduate to the next level of entertainment, plan an Oxford Stag Do Weekend today.

What Can You Do In Oxford?