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Absinthe Night Stag Do Weekends

The Details

If you fancy a bar crawl that starts with a bang then our absinthe night is definitely the one for you! We've all had your standard club night shots, including rum, whisky, vodka, sambuca and tequila... But we bet you've never done shots of absinthe before! With most absinthe coming in at 45% to 85% alcohol, this is a spirit that was banned in many countries for long periods of time. Even hardened drinkers will find this a shot that will hit you like a Mack Truck!

This bar tour will take you around three different bars over the course of three hours, with two absinthe shots included (as well as a soft drink if needed), making it a perfect way to begin your stag weekend. You'll learn a little about absinthe and the correct way of drinking it, and those of you who are made of sterner stuff might even remember some of this tour the morning after! So if you're looking for a unique pub crawl, why not give an absinthe night a try - if you think you're man enough!

If an Absinthe night stag do sounds right up your street, please enquire with our friendly team so that we can put together the best possible package for you!

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