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About Prague

Why pick a Prague Stag Do?

A Prague Stag Do has been one of our most popular options for many years now, and for damn good reason. This eastern European destination has a reputation for being an affordable and exciting place for your stag do, and I’m here to tell you that it absolutely deserves that reputation. It’s a city full of character, full of interest and full of many different ways to celebrate that last night of freedom.

Prague is full of wonderous sights, sounds and experiences, and while you may not necessarily do a huge amount of sightseeing while you are on your Prague Stag Do, it’s a city filled with such beauty and wonder that you’ll end up experiencing it even when you are just going for a walk to clear your hangover from the night before. In fact, Prague was rated the 13 th most liveable city in the world, which should give you an idea of just how many things this city does well!

Where to Stay?

A big problem with some stag destinations can be that the accommodation’s never in the centre, so you end up having to find your way back across a strange city after an evening’s drinking, which can often lead to confusion and getting lost – or at least lead to having to find the funds for a taxi. This is very rarely the case in Prague, primarily due to the huge selection of hotels, apartments and other accommodations that are dotted throughout the central areas of the city.

This vast choice means that we will always be able to recommend a perfect place for all of the participants of your Prague Stag Do to stay that suits both your budget and your plans. We also ensure that all of the accommodation we book is well reviewed and very well looked after, so you won’t encounter any nasty surprises whatsoever.

Popular activities

Activity-wise, Prague is very open to stag groups, offering all kinds of interesting activities, both traditional and innovative. It’s no surprise that the firearms shooting is the most popular activity for any Prague Stag Do that we offer. This is due to the great selection of firearms you can use – most of which you wouldn’t even be able to touch in the UK, let alone fire. As an activity it straddles the perfect divide between being something new for everyone to try, and being a competitive sport so that the winner can run around with bragging rights for the rest of the weekend.

A lot of the other activities that Prague Stag Dos tend to gravitate towards are things that you don’t get the chance to do a lot in the UK as well. So whether you want to strap yourselves into a small bobsleigh and travel down a steep and terrifying track at what feels like hundreds of miles per hour or travel around the city with a pint in hand on the famous Beer Bike, you’ll be in great company, as these are two more of the most popular activities that we offer for any Prague Stag Do.

If you really want to push the boat out and try something you’ve almost certainly never done before, then why not book the Freefall simulator? This is an activity unlike any other, and will give you the chance to experience what skydiving feels like without the need to go up in a plane and jump out of it! There is also a giant list of other activities that are always popular on any stag do, and a Prague Stag Do is no exception. Traditional activities such as Go Karting, Segways, Paintball, Escape Rooms and more are always available and great to add on to any Prague Stag Do plans.


But, as we all know, a stag party is made up of two halves – the days (which we have covered) and the nights. And if the nights aren’t good, then you might feel let down. No such let downs will occur in Prague, and that’s a promise. If you are a group who just like to go with the flow in the evening, you can visit the selection of bars and clubs that are freely available - including specialist bars dotted around the place, such as a comics bar and a rock bar the likes of which you don’t tend to find in the UK any more. If you want a slightly more organised experience, then we have a lot of bar crawls available, often incorporating the drink that defines a stag do – Absinthe. And that’s not even mentioning the more tailor-made night-time activities we have available – Semi-naked wrestling? Eating dinner off a stripper? A Dominatrix show? Whatever you ask for, Prague can provide (although it may not be for the faint of heart!)

Getting There and Getting Around

The question whenever you are planning a stag do outside of the UK is always “how easy is it to get there?”. The good news from that point of view is that Prague has direct flights available from a huge number of airports around the country, and those flights can be absolutely dirt cheap if you book them for the right time. Once you get to Prague, getting from the airport to the city centre is easy – with multiple private and public transport options to get you where you are going. We can always add these to your package to make it even easier for you.

In short, a Prague Stag Do is one of the best stag dos you are ever likely to go on. So why are you waiting? Get in touch and let us provide you a personalised Prague Stag Do quote today.

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