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About Brno

Why pick a Brno Stag Do?

Brno is a city that most people have never heard of. Unlike Prague, which is very well known in the stag weekend arena, Brno is the Czech Republic's underdog. It may be the Czechs' second city, but does it deserve to be second to Prague? In our opinion, absolutely not! It may be a little smaller and a little less famous, but a Brno Stag Do has huge appeal for any group of lads who are looking for somewhere great to visit – especially if you've already been to a couple of the traditional destinations and you are looking for something that little bit out of the box.

To start, Brno has a brilliant atmosphere, and this is always important when picking a city for your stag do. After all, you don't want to end up somewhere that you don't enjoy, and Brno is a city where (legend has it) a dragon was killed in the streets using the carcass of an animal that they had filled with lime! Sadly this dragon turned out to have only been a crocodile, but it's an impressive story nonetheless. Luckily, you won’t find yourself being challenged in the streets, as the locals are extremely friendly and will welcome you with open arms, which is yet another reason why a Brno Stag Do is a great option for any group of lads.

Getting there and Getting around

Brno is accessible from multiple airports in the country, although if you are looking for the cheapest and quickest flights, the direct options from London Stanstead are the easiest way to get there. Getting around at the other end is nice and easy, with trams, citybuses and trolleybuses all in use throughout the city. The airport is also just over eight miles from the city centre, so it doesn’t take long to get to and is nice and simple to arrange.

Popular activities

What activities can you do on a Brno Stag Do to make it a worthy destination for your last weekend of freedom? Well, it's certainly not short of options, with popular options including the brewery tour, a river cruise, whiskey tasting and loads more - all of which are both excellent value and very easy to organise. The city has plenty to offer when it comes to activities, with plenty of classics such as Clay Pigeon Shooting, Paintball and Zorb Football available, but if you are travelling that distance, why not add an activity for you that is a bit more unique to the destination itself?

If you are a fan of watching sports, and fancy something a little different, one of the most popular options on a Brno Stag Do is to go and watch an Ice Hockey match. If you’ve never watched Ice Hockey then trust me, it’s an absolute blast. It’s like watching a really intense football match if the players were allowed to randomly punch each other every so often! You may have seen it on TV before, but trust me, sitting in a venue and watching it live is something else entirely.


The city is also jam packed with nightlife. Brno is a student city, and if students know how to do one thing, it's party – and the city definitely provides in this regard! Bar Crawls are a great way to start the night off, as it means you’ll get the experience of a local to help you identify the best drinking spots for you and the lads. There’s even the Absinthe night if you think you can handle it – multiple shots of absinthe coupled with other drinks and a trip around some of the best local bars.

Nights out on a Brno Stag Do are infamously wild, and it’s not just because of the venues. Yes, there are some amazing pubs and bars, yes, there are nightclubs and yes, there are strip clubs and casinos. But on top of all of these, there is a wide selection of organised evening activities that can enhance your Brno Stag Do to extremes.

Starting off with the most tame option, we have the party tram. I say the most tame, but the party tram itself is a tram filled with drinking, dancing and general debauchery, where the music is pumping and the bar keeps pouring. For those of you who are feeling a little more adventurous, there’s the activity that is most often enquired about – the Semi-Naked Wrestling. This unique activity sees you and the lads relaxing with a drink or two while watching a pair of beautiful ladies wrestling while covered in jelly, mud, chocolate or something else entirely. All that you need to know is that it’s an experience that is absolutely out of this world.

The last of the unique evening activities is the Dominatrix show. If you think you can handle it, then this is an evening that will be absolutely unforgettable. Obviously the stag will get some punishment throughout, but the rest of you aren’t necessarily safe either. It’s not an activity for the faint hearted, but it will be something that you remember forever. It’s probably best not to discuss it outside of the group afterwards either. After all - what happens in Brno, stays in Brno!

In short, if you're looking for a spot that's a little bit different and offers great value for money, a Brno Stag Do could be right up your alley. In fact, why not ask us to price it up for you today, we’ll tailor a quote to your specifications and help you get on your way to the best stag do you’ve ever experienced.

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