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About Bratislava

Why choose a Bratislava Stag Do?

Over the last decade, Eastern Europe has become a popular destination for stag weekends. Bratislava has always been seen as one of the three most important destinations in the area, along with Budapest and Prague. As the capital of Slovakia, Bratislava is a city where the days are full of excitement and the nights are full of wonder, and it's definitely a fine choice when it comes to a stag do.

In fact, a Bratislava Stag Do is one of the most commonly searched terms on Google when people are looking for a stag do in Eastern Europe, so the reputation that this city has clearly precedes it. And why shouldn’t it? This is a city filled with nightlife that is out of this world, activities that are something different to anything you get to do in the UK, some beautiful medieval architecture and one of the greatest castles you will ever see.

Where to Stay

Bratislava is no stranger to parties of lads looking for the best time, and although you (probably) won't get to stay in a castle, you'll find that the available accommodation is always well located, brilliant quality and fantastic value. Most Bratislava Stag Dos tend to go for the apartment style accommodation, giving you all some living space so that you gather, drink and chat there rather than all trying to meet up in one persons hotel room.

That type of accommodation is not for everyone however – some groups may want some more luxurious accommodation in high class hotels, while some other groups may just be trying to ensure they get the best weekend at the lowest budget and are therefore happy to stay anywhere that there is a bed. Luckily, all of these options and more are on the table, so regardless of what you want, you can rest assured that Bratislava is well placed to provide you with a great night's sleep!

Popular activities

The activities are what makes a Bratislava Stag Do really come alive during the day. Like many of our European destinations, it offers the ever-popular beer bike activity, where you get to have a drink and enjoy the scenery while pedalling around the city. This is always a popular activity, and is one of the most commonly booked things to do on a Bratislava Stag Do.

However, the city also offers some truly different experiences that are definitely worth considering if you want your Bratislava Stag Do to stand head and shoulders above any other stag do you’ve been on. There are three activities in particular that are things you’ll be hard pressed to find elsewhere and that should really be taken advantage of while you are visiting the city.

  1. Fly Boarding – This is an activity that sounds strange, but the moment you try it you’ll wonder why you’ve never done it before! Essentially you are in the sea with a water powered hoverboard strapped to your feet, and when the instructor fires water through the board, you’ll find yourself lifting high above the sea and flying free, powered solely by the jets of water shooting out of the bottom of the hoverboard. This is a challenging but supremely rewarding activity (and one that can provide a huge amount of entertainment).
  2. Firearms package – The most popular addition to any Bratislava Stag Do booking, the firearms package is out of this world. You’ll get to try a range of weapons, none of which you’d ever be able to touch legally in the UK. With targets to aim at, there’s a competitive aspect to this, as well as the sheer thrill of handling weapons that you never thought you’d get to interact with.
  3. Tower Jump – Unique to Bratislava, this activity gives you the chance to jump out of a 110m high tower and free-fall towards the ground in a completely safe environment. For some of you, that may sound terrifying, and for others that may sound like the most exciting thing you’ll ever do. You can also customise this activity – so even if the rest of you don’t fancy it, you can still send the stag up, because lets be honest, if anyone’s going to experience this sheer insanity on a Bratislava Stag Do, it should be the stag himself, shouldn’t it?


Nights out in Bratislava are always full of fun and excitement. You can easily explore the nightlife on your own and at your own pace, but if you fancy something a bit more structured, we offer a huge selection of bar tours - including this writer's favourite - the Absinthe night. Try it if you dare! As well as the bar crawls, there are the usual selection of pubs, bars, nightclubs and gentlemen's clubs, providing entertainment from dusk til dawn and well beyond for any Bratislava Stag Do.

Getting there and Getting around

Bratislava is easy to get to, with six airports around the UK currently offering direct flights. These can be as cheap as £20 per person, so with that all in mind (and considering that we can incorporate transfers at the Bratislava end, so you don’t have to worry about that), you can see why Bratislava Stag Dos are becoming more and more popular as time goes on.

In conclusion, if you are looking for a fantastic destination with an amazing array of unique activities at some absolutely perfect prices, a Bratislava Stag Do sounds like it could be the perfect match for you, doesn’t it? Why not ask us to tailor you a package so that you can give it a bit more consideration?

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