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Stag Do Weekend in Bratislava

About Bratislava

Over the last decade, Eastern Europe has become a popular destination for stag weekends. Bratislava has always been seen as one of the three most important destinations in the area, along with Budapest and Prague. As the capital of Slovakia, Bratislava is a city where the days are full of excitement and the nights are full of wonder, and it's definitely a fine choice when it comes to a stag weekend!

The city is full of medieval architecture and one of the greatest castles you will ever see. Bratislava is no stranger to parties of lads looking for the best time, and although you (probably) won't get to stay in a castle, you'll find that the available accommodation is always well located, brilliant quality and fantastic value! So regardless of what you want, you can rest assured that Bratislava is well placed to provide you with a great night's sleep!

It is in the activities where Bratislava really comes alive during the day. Like a lot of our European destinations, it offers the ever popular beer bike activity, where you get to have a drink and enjoy the scenery while pedalling around the city. It also offers some truly different experiences, including fly boarding (where you can take to the skies with a water-powered hoverboard strapped to your feet), and one of the greatest firearms shooting packages you will ever encounter. Also, unique to this city is the tower jump. Have you ever wondered what it feels like to jump out of a 110m high tower and free-fall towards the ground (in a completely safe environment, obviously)? Well this activity will give you the chance to safely hurl yourself off of one of the tallest buildings you can think of! You can all have a go, or you can just send the stag up to see what he is made of!

Nights out in Bratislava are always full of fun and excitement. You can easily explore the nightlife on your own and at your own pace, but if you fancy something a bit more structured, we offer a huge selection of bar tours - including this writer's favourite - the Absinthe night. Try it if you dare! As well as the bar crawls, there are the usual selection of nightclubs and gentlemen's clubs, providing entertainment from dusk til dawn and beyond.

If you're looking for a fantastic array of unique activities at equally fantastic prices, a stag do weekend in Bratislava could be the perfect match for you!

What Can You Do In Bratislava?