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Stag Do Weekends in Barcelona


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Beautiful beaches, scorching sun and bucketloads of beer are three ingredients that can be vital to an amazing Stag Weekend – and if that sounds like perfection to you, then Barcelona is most definitely your friend. This beautiful city will give you all you are after and loads more besides and it’s in a country where they recommend taking a nap in the middle of the day – which you may well need after you’ve been out the night before!

Barcelona is a tourist’s dream, with a huge selection of all kinds of accommodation easily available to ensure that you stay wherever you want and to suit whatever budget you are working towards. If you just want a bed to rest your head on (and to save more money for beer), then that’s not a problem – alternatively, if you fancy a luxurious stay, then that’s available as well.

What to do in between beach visits though? What kinds of activities stand out and make for a perfect stag weekend in sunny Spain? It’s not short of things to do – and as well as the more traditional stag activities there are a selection that feel as if they fit the atmosphere of Barcelona perfectly. You can take a tour around the Nou Camp stadium – one of the most famous football stadiums in the entire world. Alternatively, if you really want to embrace the sun, why not relax on a Catamaran cruise – nothing beats some drinks on the water.

But of course, all of this is preparation for the evening out. If you’ve never experienced a night out in Barcelona, then you are in for a great time. With a huge selection of restaurants, bars, pubs, clubs and more, you’ll find yourselves exploring the city one drink at a time – and if you want, we can even arrange for a guided bar crawl to help make sure you visit the best places to drink.

So if you fancy a sunny summer stag weekend that the Stag will remember for the rest of his life, then get packing and get yourselves on a stag do weekends in Barcelona.

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