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Stag Do Weekends in Kiev

About Kiev

Why should I choose a Kiev Stag Do?

The beautiful Ukrainian city of Kiev is a jewel in the eastern European crown. This hidden gem of a stag do destination is still largely untouched by high volume tourism, which makes it perfect for the stag do looking to go somewhere a little different.

It’s definitely a destination on the rise though, with searches for Kiev Stag Do increasing with every passing year. In short, if you want to get on board and experience this city before it becomes the Stag Do destination du jour, then you should be giving it some consideration today.

How to get there?

At the moment direct flights to Kiev are primarily from London airports – but this city is something special, so don’t let that put you off. The prices of the flights are very reasonable and they run regularly, so it absolutely is worth travelling to one of these airports in order to jet off on a Kiev Stag Do and enjoy the best weekend of your lives.

Once you’ve arrived in Kiev Airport, it’s just a quick bus or taxi ride from there into the city centre, so you’ll get to see all of the amazing architecture and scenery on your way to the accommodation, where you’ll be able to unpack and relax before exploring the city further.

Where to Stay?

All manner of accommodation is catered for here, with familiar branded international chain hotels having a big presence in the city. Obviously, this means that a Kiev Stag Do has the advantage of being able to cater for all budgets, whether you’re looking for cheap and cheerful or a luxury break.

Popular activities

When it comes to activities, a Kiev Stag Do is so filled with options that you’ll have trouble choosing from so many great things to do. The most popular activity offered in Kiev is the firearms shooting. With plenty of varied package options in this activity, you’ll get the chance to fire many firearms you’d never get the chance to even touch in the UK, including taking aim with a legendary Russian sniper rifle (in certain packages), which is a thrill like none you’ve ever experienced.

Perhaps watching the HBO miniseries Chernobyl has inspired you to take a tour (at safe distance) of the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant including the infamous reactor 4, and the long since deserted city of Pripyat for a truly unique experience that will stay with you long after you’ve come back home.

There are, of course, many other activities to choose from if you are planning a perfect Kiev Stag Do. It all comes down to what your taste in activities is, and what you think will make a perfect weekend for you. For some groups it’s having a go at Wakeboarding, to see who the best at balancing is and who can ride those waves successfully, and for some it’s simply enjoying a game of Five a Side football which can be an essential part of any stag do.

If you are really looking for an activity that is outside of the norm (and if you fancy something to eat at the same time), then the Naked Sushi activity is one of those things you’d almost never get the chance to try anywhere outside of a stag do, so why not take the plunge and eat some lunch from a beautiful woman?


A night out on a Kiev Stag Do is one of those things that you really ought to embrace with open arms. After all, this city has a great selection of nightspots throughout – with so many, that it’s a challenge to even try a handful of them before finding one you like so much that you stay there for a while.

To help you get around the city’s nightlife and ensure you don’t miss any of the best places to drink, we do highly recommend booking the guided bar crawl. This will give you an English-speaking guide for the duration of the evening, whose job it is to take you to some of the best bars that any Kiev Stag Do can visit and ensure that you have a great time. They may even be able to secure some free drinks as well, making it a perfect option for everyone.

Once you’ve explored as many bars as you feel that you can cope with, it’s time to head out to a nightclub, gentlemen’s club or both. Kiev has plenty of options here as well, with nightclubs galore dotted around the city, and plenty of gentlemen’s clubs as well – we can certainly recommend a visit to one or two of those throughout your Kiev Stag Do.

We’ve talked a lot about all of the advantages of having a Kiev Stag Do, and I’m sure that’s helped you see just how great a destination it is. In fact, Kiev is more than just a great destination for a stag do, it truly is a beautiful city and whilst taking in the sights of Saint Sophia’s Cathedral or Pechersk Lavra, better known as the Kiev Monastery of the Caves, you can’t help but marvel at the astonishing architecture in the city.

So if all of this sounds like a perfect mix of culture, beauty and the best stag do activities you’ve ever encountered, why not get in touch with us to enquire about a Kiev Stag Do? We’ll tailor make you a quote for your perfect weekend away, ensuring that we tailor it to your tastes and budget. Give us a call today and let us start you on your journey to Kiev.

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What Can You Do In Kiev?