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Stag Do Weekends in Madrid

About Madrid

The Spanish Capital City, Madrid has been a popular stag do weekend destination for many years, and it’s easy to see why. With temperatures known to push past 35 degrees in the summer months, and staying warmer than the UK even in the off-season, it’s a clear winner as far as stag do locations are concerned. Couple that with the fact that flights are easy to find from many UK airports and don’t break the bank, and you know that Madrid is a destination well worth considering.

Most stag weekends enjoy the luxury of apartment accommodation when in Madrid, and it’s easy to see why that is so appealing. With most apartments having access to a pool you can recover from your hangover in, as well as giving you the space that you don’t get in a hotel, this is a perfect accommodation type for a weekend in this beautiful city.

And as far as activities go, your selection is huge and full of interesting options. Ever wanted to try Wakeboarding? Why not try it in beautiful Spain rather than on a grey day in Grimsby. If you want something even more adrenaline-fuelled, then Bungee Jumping is an option as well – whether you all take part or it’s just for the stag himself. And I’ve not even mentioned the fact that Madrid is the home to one of the most famous football teams in the world – Real Madrid. We can arrange a stadium tour for you and even get you tickets to the match – a perfect stag for a football-mad groom-to-be.

Look at you, you’ve got searches on “flights to Madrid” open in another tab as you read this haven’t you – we haven’t even discussed the nightlife yet! Mind you, that’ll just solidify your decision, as this city is full of bars and nightclubs that will entertain every stag party imaginable - whatever you desire, Madrid can provide.

If you like the sound of a Madrid hen do weekend, enquire now or contact us on 01202 566100 and speak to one of our stag do specialists and we’ll create the perfect stag package for you.

What Can You Do In Madrid?