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About Madrid

Why choose a Madrid Stag Do?

Why should you choose a Madrid Stag Do? There are many reasons, not least being the fact that it is the capital city of Spain, and everyone knows that capital cities provide the greatest selection of activities and excitement throughout the whole country. Madrid has been a popular stag do weekend destination for many years, and it’s easy to see why. With temperatures known to push past 35 degrees in the summer months and staying warmer than the UK even in the off-season, it’s a clear winner as far as stag do locations are concerned.

Getting There

Getting to Madrid from the UK is easy. Direct flights to this amazing city are available from a wide range of airports, and the prices don’t break the bank, which makes it even better for you. The flight tends to be about two and a half hours, and the journey from the airport to the city centre in Madrid tends to be about another half hour on top. So that means that you can be settled at your destination and enjoying drinks just over three hours after you leave the UK for your Madrid Stag Do – doesn’t that sound amazing?

Where to Stay?

Madrid Stag Dos have a great selection of accommodation options available to them. By far the most popular are the apartments that are scattered about the city centre and it’s easy to see why these are so appealing. With most of the apartments having access to a pool you can recover from your hangover in, as well as giving you the space that you don’t get in a hotel, this is a perfect accommodation type for a weekend in this beautiful city.

If you’d prefer a hotel, then this can of course be arranged, with a great selection of hotels available to suit any budget and requirement. Whether you just want a room that you can sleep in, or you fancy living it large in the most luxurious hotel you can imagine, your Madrid Stag do will be booked in to whatever hotel suits you the best.

Popular activities

Activities are vital to any weekend away, and your Madrid Stag Do will happily offer you a wide selection of options for what to do while you are there. For example, have you ever wanted to try Wakeboarding? Why not try it in beautiful Spain rather than on a grey day in Grimsby? Alternatively if you want something even more adrenaline-fuelled, then Bungee Jumping is an option as well – whether you all take part or it’s just for the stag himself, Madrid is one of the destinations where you can try this thrill-filled activity.

The most popular activity that we offer for a Madrid Stag Do, however, tends to be one that you’ve probably already thought of, especially if you are football-mad. Madrid is home to one of the biggest and best football teams in the world – Real Madrid. This team have an insane set of statistics, having won a total of 66 trophies and being recognised as the FIFA Club of the 20 th Century. Given the history and the sheer quality of players that this club has, wouldn’t a tour around their world famous stadium be a perfect activity for any football-mad stag? Of course it would, so why not include it on your Madrid Stag Do. Depending on fixtures etc, we can even arrange tickets to a match for you and the lads as part of your weekend away, so if that sounds of interest to you, just ask!

There are obviously lots of other activity options available for your Madrid Stag Do as well, with everything from Escape Rooms to Quad Biking and Zorb Football to Cocktail Making being there for you to choose from when crafting your perfect Madrid Stag Do.


A night out in Madrid is absolutely amazing in itself. No matter what you have or haven’t got up to during the day, you know that a night out in Madrid will stay with you for life. Most Madrid Stag Dos tend to book a guided bar crawl (often on the first night), so that they can be shown around the best drinking establishments by a well-informed and very friendly local guide.

You’ll get to visit all kinds of pubs and bars throughout the city, trying out every drink you can think of – beers, shots, weird cocktails, whatever gets put in front of you! A night out on your Madrid Stag Do doesn’t understand the concept of taking it easy, and will be one of the most debauched and fun evenings you’ve ever had in your life. As well as continuous drinking through a selection of pubs and bars, there are other things to take advantage of while you are on your Madrid Stag Do. A Stripper dinner is a great evening option, combining eating great food with looking at a gorgeous naked woman (everyone’s a winner there!), and of course a trip to a gentlemen’s club, casino or nightclub (or some combination of the three) will mark an absolutely perfect end to a perfect night out.

There you have it – doesn’t a Madrid Stag Do sound like the sort of weekend away you’d like to be on right now? The good news is that you can get it sorted with just one quick conversation. Tell us what you’d like and we will tailor make you a Madrid Stag Do that fits your budget, your desires and your requirements with no hassle whatsoever.

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