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Zorbing Stag Do Weekends

The Details

Have you ever felt like climbing inside a giant hamster ball and throwing yourself down a steep incline? Well now you can, thanks to the magic of zorbing! You can choose between being strapping into a harness, or simply freefall using a soaking zorb. Whilst some might think that hurtling down a hillside at high speed might be dangerous, these giant inflatable balls (or zorbs for you professionals) are perfectly safe, and guarantee a safe and comfortable descent down the hillside of your choosing. For those of you wondering if this might be a recipe for nausea or dizziness, rest assured that this is extremely rare, and each descent will be perfectly timed to induce a fantastic adrenaline rush, without any nasty side effects!

With two different zorbing styles to choose from, you'll need to work out which style best suits your party (or at least which one will scare the stag the most). If you fancy a classic head-over-heels tumble, you'll want to be strapped into the harness zorb. Those with a more "freestyle" approach will prefer the aqua zorb, which is filled with 40 litres of water, ensuring that you have a safe and soft padding to keep you upright during the descent. It's like sliding down the world's most padded slip'n'slide!

You'll laugh. You'll scream. You'll feel like a hamster! But most importantly, you're guaranteed to have a fantastic time celebrating with the stag! If zorbing sounds like your perfect stag do, contact our friendly team today and we'll be happy to arrange the best possible zorbing package for you.

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