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About Northampton

Why choose a Northampton Stag Do?

Northampton is one of the largest towns in England and is rapidly growing in popularity as a stag do destination. Granted, a town famous for its shoe industry may not be somewhere you would initially consider as an option, but with a thriving nightlife scene and a great selection of things to do throughout the town, you could do much worse than arrange a Northampton Stag Do.

In fact, one of the things that is appealing about a Northampton Stag Do is quite simply how well located it is – after all, it’s basically smack bang in the middle of England, more central than Birmingham and further north than Milton Keynes, it provides a perfect place for everyone to get to – especially if your Northampton Stag Do is likely to have people attending from all over the country.

Where to Stay?

Accommodation is plenty and varied for any Northampton Stag Do. No matter what your desires or budgetary restrictions may be, you’ll find some well-located options that will perfectly meet your needs. B&Bs, Guest Houses, and hotels that range from two to four star, your accommodation needs will be easily satiated. In fact, Northampton boasts some award winning accommodations across all budgetary brackets, so you might even find yourself staying somewhere that is recognised as one of the best in the country.

Popular activities

But what is there to do in Northampton? Once you’ve arrived and have found yourself comfortably checked in, the next consideration is what you can get up to during the day. The good news there is that we have over thirty activities (at the time of writing) that are designed to provide high quality entertainment on a Northampton Stag Do. Obviously with this large range of options, I’m not going to highlight all of them for you, but here are just three of our most popular Northampton stag Do activities:

  • Tank Driving – What you want on any stag do is to do something you’ve never had the chance to try before, and what could be more appealing in that instance than Tank Driving? These aren’t mini tanks or any kind of cut-down version, oh no, these are real, full size tanks that it takes three of you to drive – so you’d better make sure you’ve got some co-operation going on with your mates, or you’ll end up going around in circles!
  • Greyhound Racing – An evening at the races is always popular on Northampton Stag Dos, and for good reason. After all, a visit to a good racetrack is always limited by location, so if you find yourself located near one of the most famous tracks in the world, wouldn’t you head down to see what all the fuss was about? Greyhound racing is always a great Stag Do activity as it combines three things that many stags are keen on – drinking, gambling and sports.
  • Zorb Football – A classic stag do activity this, and one that is hugely popular on any Northampton Stag Do. If you don’t know what Zorb Football is, the short version is that it’s a game of five a side football, but with the top half of your players encased in a giant inflatable ball, with just their legs sticking out of the bottom. This means that tackling, passing and even running past someone requires completely different techniques to any other game of football – in fact, whenever we go to Zorb Football, we always tend to find that those who are not as good at football but are game for a laugh and have no fear tend to be pretty good at Zorb Football!


The nightlife in Northampton is great – with everything you could imagine available to you there. As sensible people, we’d recommend grabbing something to eat before you go out drinking of course, and the good news is that your Northampton Stag Do will have your pick of cuisines if you are booking a meal out. Whether you want to just have a burger and a pint, or whether you want to relax and enjoy a full three course sit down meal, Northampton has plenty of options to offer you.

Once your appetites have been satiated and you are dying to get a few drinks down you, why not head out to explore some of the best pubs and bars you’ll ever visit? It doesn’t matter what type of drinking establishment you prefer, you’ll find somewhere that suits your Northampton Stag Do to a tee. With a wide range of bars located just moments away from each other, you’ll get the chance to explore many of them without having to do a lot of walking, which is the best thing you can ever hear about a night out.

After gorging yourselves on drinks in pubs and bars, you might decide that you want to head on to somewhere else. The good news there is that Northampton is able to keep the party going for hours. The most popular after-bar destination is always a nightclub, and Northampton has some that are hugely popular and will keep you drinking and dancing until the sun comes up. If you don’t fancy a nightclub, and instead want to take in a beautiful view, why not visit one of the popular gentlemen’s clubs? Or if you’d rather get in a bit of gambling with your drinking, the local casinos are all very welcoming as well.

Regardless of where you end up, the important thing with any Northampton Stag Do is that you’ll have an amazing time throughout the entire weekend. If that sounds like your sort of thing, why not give us a call and we’ll tailor make you a perfect quote straightaway.

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