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About Norwich

Why choose a Norwich Stag Do?

Norwich is known is England’s most complete medieval city and has (probably) been hosting stag dos since the mid-12 th century, where a stag party would consist of mead-drinking, jousting, and eating your own weight in roast meats of various kinds, so it’s a good job not much has changed in the intervening years! Don’t worry though – unlike jousting, you’re not likely to be injured doing any of the thirty-five plus activities that we offer in this excellent city, so there’s no risk, only the reward of an extremely good time.

While it may be known as the home of the bumbling fictional idiot Alan Partridge, the truth is that this city is welcoming and has an atmosphere that will stick with you throughout your Norwich Stag Do and long after.


So what does a Norwich Stag Do look like to the average person? Well to start, you’ll need to find somewhere to stay. The good news there is that Norwich has plenty of options that can suit a whole range of budgets and desires. So whether you are looking for accommodation in a well-located guest house, hotel or B&B – with a whole range of budgets and requirements provided for, so whichever end of the scale you are at, you’ll have somewhere to stay that suits exactly what you were after.

Popular activities

Sadly, even though it is a famous medieval city, we don’t offer jousting as an activity option for your Norwich Stag Do. Apparently, it’s been deemed “unsafe”, so it’s not something that is available. However, the good news is that we do offer a huge variety of other things, some of which would not have been out of place in this esteemed medieval city, with Archery Tag and Beer tasting being two favourites that are evolutions of classic medieval activities.

Not that everything you do on your Norwich Stag Do has to be related to the medieval setting in any way - we do offer some more modern and exciting activities. One of the most popular activities that we offer on your Norwich Stag Do is Zorb Football, which is one of those activities that looks fun, and is so much more fun when you are actually taking part in it. If you’ve never done it, you should definitely give it a try. Alternatively, if you have tried it and want to try something else football-related that’s new, why not pick from one of our other options - Electric Shock football is definitely not for the faint hearted, as members of the group will be on the sidelines with buzzers, ready to electrocute anyone on the pitch that they feel like. There’s also Goggle Football, where you have to try and play a sensible game of football while wearing goggles that make everything look like it is ten times further away than it is, or you could try Footdarts, which is exactly what it sounds like – a mixture of football and darts involving a giant inflatable dartboard!

If you want something for your Norwich Stag Do that isn’t football related, why not take to the water and do a session of Kayaking? After all, taking to the water in a canoe is one of the best ways to spend an afternoon – it’s a perfect combination of excitement and relaxation. If that doesn’t float your boat (pun intended) then why not try the High Ropes Course, or maybe even a visit to an Escape Room? No matter what type of activity you are looking for, it’s very clear that Norwich has everything you could possibly want.


Norwich also has, by the very nature of it being a university city, a bustling and thriving nightlife scene that covers all kinds of nightspots, types of music and every kind of drinking you can imagine. If you want a planned activity for one of your evenings, why not arrange a visit to the greyhound racing? After all, a trip to the dogs encompasses eating, drinking and gambling, which are the top three activities required on most Norwich Stag Dos.

The number of pubs and bars that are available to you on your Norwich Stag Do is huge, and as that’s the case, it can be hard to choose where you want to spend your time. The good news there is that we have a couple of different options for how to guide you around the best boozers in town. If you want to turn it into a competitive game, then the pub crawl treasure hunt is a great option, as this app will guide you around some of the best pubs in the city, while at the same time getting you to seek out answers to important questions. Alternatively, if you just want to be taken around to nightspots you’ll never forget, why not go for the Bar Crawl babes? These gorgeous local ladies will make your Norwich Stag Do a thing to remember, as they will take you to pubs and bars that are out of this world. They’ll even look after the beer fund and do the boring queuing at the bar for you, so you can just relax and wait for the drinks to come to you.

After an evening exploring the best bars and pubs, you’ll want somewhere to end up. Whether that’s one of Norwich’s great nightclubs (which include everything from hardcore dance music right through to dancefloors powered by the cheesiest music), or whether you fancy something different like a gentlemen’s club, this city will easily provide everything you want for a perfect Norwich Stag Do.

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