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About Tenerife

Why choose a Tenerife Stag Do?

You’ve all heard of Tenerife, right? This Spanish island is infamous for being a great holiday destination, especially if you are in the mood to drink some beers and enjoy some sun. Tenerife has been a popular holiday destination for over a hundred years, and it is very easy to see why it still holds such appeal, especially for stag dos.

After all, there’s very little in this world that is more relaxing than sun, sand and more drink than you can possibly consume, and those are the essential elements that make up any good Tenerife Stag Do.

How to Get There

Tenerife is easy to get to, with flights available from a over twenty UK airports (at the time of writing) direct to this island paradise, and once you get there the beautiful scenery and gorgeous weather will mean that you’ll never want to leave. It’s easy to get to the city centre from the airport as well, with a variety of public and private transfer options meaning that you can relax and make sure you get the party started straightaway, without having to worry about practicalities – which is always the best way.

Where to Stay

Accommodation is plentiful, and there are many options for your Tenerife Stag Do to choose from. Apartments are normally the most popular option, as they give your group that extra element of freedom that you don’t normally get in a hotel. These usually sleep four or more people per apartment and give you a little living area, so that you’ve got some space to hang out when you aren’t in a bar or by the pool. And don’t worry, we can make sure that the apartments you are staying in have a pool so you barely have to walk anywhere before you are at that perfect poolside.

Alternatively, if you fancy pushing the boat out and staying in a luxurious hotel, then that can be arranged as well. No matter what your group feel is the perfect option for their Tenerife Stag Do, we can make sure that it is provided to ensure that a perfect Tenerife Stag Do is had by all.

Popular activities

“But this all sounds too perfect”, I can hear you thinking,. “With all of the great weather and fantastic atmosphere, there must be a downside. Maybe the activities aren’t up to scratch?”

Well you will be pleased to hear that is not the case. The activities available in Tenerife are wide-ranging, exciting, great value for money and some of the most fun you can possibly have. With it being an island, there’s a great selection of water-based activities as you can imagine, and some of these do book up quickly, as they are often considered an essential part of a Tenerife Stag Do. For example, the Catamaran Cruise is the most popular activity offered at this destination, because what says “relaxing Spanish Stag Do” more than being onboard a boat and enjoying a drink or five surrounded by mates and listening to great music?

Other popular options for a Tenerife Stag Do include Scuba Diving (which is always a laugh), as well as tickets to the world famous waterpark. Once you couple these up with the more traditional stag weekend activities that are available such as Quad Biking and Go-Karting, and you can easily see that a Tenerife Stag Do has more activity options than you had considered, and can easily be a perfect destination for a Stag Do.


Lets be honest, your Tenerife Stag Do wouldn’t be complete without a night out or two (or three), and the good news is that the nightlife is the highlight of a Tenerife trip. With plentiful bars, clubs and more, you’ll experience the wonderfully friendly atmosphere of this holiday haven, and your nights out will quickly become mornings out – you'll be having such a good time that you won’t want to go to bed!

If you can’t decide which of the many bars to visit first, why not arrange for one of our classic guided bar crawls? These are led by knowledgeable, English-speaking locals who have years of experience drinking in Tenerife, meaning that they know all the best places to drink, as well as the places to avoid. They’ll also be able to direct you towards great drinks offers, run some fun activities and maybe even snag you a few free drinks along the way – doesn’t that sound perfect?

When it comes to nightclubs, you’ll be truly spoilt for choice. Tenerife is well known for having a fertile nightlife scene, and the nightclubs are a huge part of that. What that means for your Tenerife Stag Do is that you’ll get to choose from a huge selection of nightclubs, all of which have different atmospheres and different musical choices, so if you don’t like one, try another and see which one suits you best!

That all sounds pretty amazing, doesn’t it? Lets be honest, a Tenerife Stag Do might not have been high on your agenda when you first clicked onto this page, but now you are invested. You can picture yourselves exploring the island, relaxing on a catamaran and zooming down slides at the waterpark, drinking in every bar and club you can imagine, can’t you? Well it doesn’t take long to turn that dream into a reality. Just get in touch and let us know what you are looking for, and we will create you a personalised Tenerife Stag Do quote that will encompass everything you need while sticking to any budget you have given us. The perfect Tenerife Stag Do is only a phone call away.

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