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Whisky Tasting Stag Do Weekend

The Details

One of my personal favourite activities and one that lends itself perfectly to a laid back stag do. If your stag enjoys his whisky, then there's no finer option than a whisky tasting experience! A whisky tasting experience will teach you about the history and the finer points of whisky, covering the process from grain to glass and everything in between. You'll also discover more about the distillery itself, and will discover how they distil their own particular whiskies. This is all presented in a fun and engaging way and you won't even have to wear a kilt.

Most importantly, you will of course have the opportunity to try a few different whiskies to help you to appreciate the difference between them all! Along the tour, you'll be taught the proper way to nose and to taste your whisky, but there will be plenty enough for you to enjoy some easy sipping afterwards. An absolute must for any whisky mad stag, and a spirited afternoon activity for all involved (I'll see myself out)!

If you have a scotch loving stag, and you think a whisky tasting stag do sounds right up his street, please contact our friendly team so that we can put together the best possible package for you!

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