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About Inverness

Why choose an Inverness Stag Do?

The third biggest city in Scotland, Inverness is the northernmost destination that we offer, and we wouldn’t do that if it wasn’t somewhere that you could have such a damn good time. A reasonably new location for us, Inverness has proven over the last few years that it is has the ability to compete with the big boys and has been the venue for some absolutely stunning Stag Weekends.

In fact, an Inverness Stag Do is now one of the most common Scottish Stag Dos that we receive enquiries about, which just goes to show that this destination is on the up and up. It seems to be the combination of city convenience coupled with the beautiful scenery and countryside that directly surrounds Inverness that really appeals to Stag Dos.

Where to Stay?

When planning your Inverness Stag Do, the first thing to get sorted is the accommodation. Luckily in this city there are a great selection of accommodation options no matter what you are looking for. With everything from chain hotels to B&Bs, from rooms above a pub to the most luxurious hotel you’ve ever experienced, your Inverness Stag Do accommodation can be whatever you want it to be. So whether you are watching your pennies and want the best possible value, or if you want to push the boat out and enjoy a more luxurious option, this city has all of those options and loads more besides.

Popular activities

Being a coastal city, Inverness has a great selection of water-based activities for you to enjoy while you are spending time there. These watersports are perfect for an Inverness Stag Do, as they are activities that you’ll remember forever. Whether it’s paddling your way around the beautiful Scottish coast in a Kayak, jumping onto a surfboard to enjoy a classic afternoon of surfing, or hanging on for dear life as you experience the wonder that is wakeboarding, Inverness has you well and truly covered.

If you fancy something land-based that still pushes the boundaries and gets the adrenaline flowing, why not try abseiling? After all, what are cliffs for if not for descending at speed alongside some of your best mates? Or, if you fancy something else different, why not try digger driving? Because we all know that those diggers are something that kids spend years desperate to play with, so why not indulge those childish desires and give it a go on your Inverness Stag Do?

We’ve talked about a lot of physical and energetic activities, but that’s not necessarily what everyone is after for their Inverness Stag Do. So with that in mind I thought we’d look at one specific activity which is hugely popular on any Scottish Stag Do, and is therefore perfect for your Inverness Stag Do – a distillery tour.

It is well known that the Scots make the best whiskey. (I know the Irish would probably get into a fight about this, but we all secretly know that the Scots win this every time). The sheer variety and mixture of tastes available across the selection of scotch whiskeys is amazing, so why not pop to a distillery and see just how they make some of the greatest alcoholic drinks in the world?


Nights out on your Inverness Stag Do are something that will be absolutely amazing. There’s no question of that. After all, Inverness has a nightlife of which it is justifiably proud, and you’ll love exploring it with the lads. We do obviously recommend grabbing something to eat before you head out and start the heavy drinking, and the good news is that Inverness can provide you all types of cuisine, so whatever you want to eat on your stag do, you’ll be able to enjoy.

Then it’s time to go out and discover the friendly welcoming atmosphere of a night out in Inverness. It has a great selection of bars and pubs, that will all give you the chance to sample some of the best beers, ciders, wines, whiskeys and more as you buy round after round, amazed at the great prices.

Then, once you’ve finished with the bars and pubs, you can move onto the nightclubs and gentlemen’s clubs, so whether you want to dance your way through the night or sit and watch some beautiful women dance for you, your Inverness Stag Do will keep entertaining you. In fact, we pride ourselves on

ensuring that you will be entertained from the moment you arrive until you stagger out of the door into the glare of the rising sun. You’ll be staggering back to your bed with a smile on your face and a warm glow about you. Ready for a few hours sleep and then you can get up and do it all again – if you think you can handle it!

In short, an Inverness Stag Do is one of the greatest weekends away you can ever arrange. The perfect atmosphere, the wonderful activities and the amazing nightlife all combine together to make it one of the most outstanding weekends you’ll ever have, a true last weekend of freedom celebrating the end of the stag’s single life. If all of this sounds appealing, why not get in touch and have us tailor make you a quote? We pride ourselves in arranging the best possible weekends away for all of our groups, and you are no exception.

Get in touch today and let us find you the most perfect Inverness Stag Do you could ever consider. You won’t regret it, and it’ll be the most fun you can possibly have in Scotland.

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