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About Bratislava

Why should I pick a Bratislava Hen Do?

As the Slovakian Capital and a huge tourist spot that is only growing in popularity year on year, you might have already considered a Bratislava Hen Do when looking at the list of options for European Hen Dos. The good news here is that while Bratislava has rocketed in popularity over the last few years for Hen Dos in particular, making it an absolute must-visit destination for any hen groups looking to travel a bit further away and enjoy Eastern Europe.

A lot of Eastern European locations are typically thought of as stag destinations, which is unfair. In fact, it is easy to say that a Bratislava Hen Do has a huge variety of entertainment and excitement, making it a perfect location for you and the girls to really let loose and enjoy yourselves in this European paradise.

Where will we stay?

There is such a wide variety of accommodation available that you’ll get the perfect home base for your Bratislava Hen Do, regardless of what perfect may mean to your particular group of ladies. For some Bratislava Hen Dos, perfect accommodation is a luxury hotel where you can enjoy a wide range of facilities and feel pampered for your entire weekend away. For some it’s an apartment with that all-important living space that means you can all relax and socialise as well as it being somewhere for you to sleep. For yet more groups, the perfect accommodation is just somewhere that is well-located and great value as you may not plan on spending much time there. In short, no matter what “perfect accommodation” may mean to your Bratislava Hen Do, this city can easily serve up all of these options for you.

Popular activities

Finding somewhere great to stay is a great start to a Bratislava Hen Do, but we all know that without any activities, a hen do isn’t the experience you want it to be. Luckily, Bratislava has you covered when it comes to popular activities to fill your days with.

All of your favourite hen party options are here for you to enjoy, many with a particular Braitslavan twist. Many of the most popular options tend to involve drinking in some way (because after all, would it even be a Bratislava Hen Do without a drink or three?) and these popular activities include Cocktail Making and Wine Tasting, which are always quick to book up due to their popularity.

But some Bratislava Hen Dos want to embrace some more unique, alternative activities, and the city is full of options for those thrill seeking groups. For example, have you ever fancied jumping out of a 110m tower and free-falling towards the ground? (In a completely safe way, obviously.) The good news is that if you have, then we offer the Tower Jump, which will give you the opportunity to do just that.

Maybe you don’t want to do something quite that extreme, but still fancy something energetic and adrenaline fuelled? If that’s the case, then why not take your pick from the other options that this amazing city has to offer? Activities such as Firearms shooting, Skiing and White Water Rafting are just some of the exciting options available. Hell, we can even offer you a Tandem Sky Dive if you are up for it (or just arrange one for the hen if you want to give her a surprise she’ll never forget!)

Getting there and Getting around

Getting to Bratislava is not as hard work as you might imagine it would be. There are currently six airports in the UK that offer direct flights, and these can be often be booked for next to no money at all. Any of our packages are able to include airport transfers at the Bratislavan end, and since these only take about twenty minutes, you’ll be deep into your Bratislava Hen Do in no time at all.


We’ve already discussed all of the great points about a Bratislava Hen Do, but I’ve left the best til last. The nightlife. Informally, the city is known as Partyslava, and is famed for having grand nights out that extend way into the next day and beyond! (In fact, we’ve been on one where we lost someone mid-way through a night out, and they didn’t find us again for a whole day, but they had a great time nonetheless!) Since you are exploring a new city in a new country, we do recommend taking us up on one of our many guided bar crawl options (the absinthe one is a particular favourite) which will show you around the best bars and clubs that this city has to offer.

Once you’ve been shown around, your guide will have given you so much insight to the local area that the rest of your nights out will be an absolute dream – no matter whether you just stay in bars the entire time, or whether you find some of the best nightclubs and dance your way until morning.

With its popularity on the rise, now is the perfect time to arrange a Bratislava Hen Do. The value for money is brilliant, with drinks cheap, accommodation cheap, and entire packages available to you (including flights) for less than you’d pay to visit a big city in the UK. If you are looking for a weekend away that is great value for money and contains amazing activities, thrilling nightlife and an atmosphere that is friendly and welcoming, then it is definitely worth getting a quote for a Bratislava Hen Do. Get in touch now and we’ll get the perfect hen do arranged for you straightaway.

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