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About Benidorm

Why should I choose a Benidorm Stag Do?

Benidorm has long been a popular tourist destination for Britons holidaying in Spain. This popularity is in part due to the welcoming nature of the city, and it is this welcoming nature that makes a Benidorm Stag Do such a perfect option when celebrating the stag’s last weekend of freedom.

In addition to its welcoming nature, Benidorm also offers some fantastic weather, with temperatures regularly above thirty degrees during the summer months. Given that it has some of the worlds most beautiful beaches as well, this means that a Benidorm Stag Do is an excellent spot to relax with a beer whilst you top up your tan, as well as being full of fun and exciting activities.

Getting There

Benidorm is both easy to reach and highly affordable, making it an excellent stag do location abroad for parties of all budgets. The local Alicante airport is served by most airports in the UK, and the flights often cost less than a taxi home on a good night out. This means that instead of a stag night in your local walkabout, you could be enjoying your drinks on some beautiful Spanish beaches!

Where to Stay?

Accommodation for your Benidorm Stag Do is plentiful and all well located. For the vast majority of groups, the ideal type of accommodation is apartments. These are always well looked after, centrally located and quite often have a pool on site – so if you can’t even be bothered to walk as far as the beach, you’ve still got somewhere that you can have a swim and do a bit of sunbathing.

The apartments themselves are great, as they give you a bit more living space than a traditional hotel room. We’ve all been on stag dos where you end up having to squeeze into one person’s hotel room if you all want to have a pre-drink or three, but here the apartments give you a lounge etc, so you’ll be able to all get together for a chat, a drink and a laugh without feeling like you are all on top of one another.

Popular activities

Benidorm also offers an excellent selection of stag do activities. As with with many beach destinations, water-based activities are the most popular options for any Benidorm Stag Do – and with very good reason. Some of the most popular activities include bouncing around on the famous banana boat (which truly is an experience that is indescribable until you’ve done it yourself), wobbling around on a wakeboard (if you’ve got the balance) and ploughing through the sky while parascending. For those who prefer a more relaxing option, we would advise sinking a few pints whilst chilling out on your own private catamaran cruise – this is by far the most popular option for any Benidorm Stag Do, and if you just stop and picture it for a second, I’m sure you can see why that would be true.

It’s not just all about the water-based activities though. Benidorm can also provide many of the more traditional stag do activities, so if you find yourselves weary of the water but still want some other things to do, you’ll have no issues at all adding some more value to your Benidorm Stag Do. Just a few of the many examples available include tearing up the track with the go-karting activity, tooling up and battling it out with each other at airsoft, or even just going the whole hog and enjoying a day at the local theme park. There really are a great variety of activities to choose from, and all at very reasonable prices – so your Benidorm Stag Do can be stuffed full of things to do without breaking the bank.


Benidorm is well known for its nightlife, offering an unbelievable mixture of bars, pubs, and amazing nightclubs – in fact, there’s so much there that it can be useful to have a guide, which explains why the most commonly booked Benidorm Stag Do activity that we offer is the guided bar crawl. This perfect evening sees you being shown around by an English-speaking local, who has plenty of experience in finding the best nightspots and ensuring that everyone has the best time. You may even get some free drinks out of the deal, which is just the icing on the cake.

It is said that the nightlife on a Benidorm Stag Do rivals that of Ibiza, but without charging you an absolute fortune for the privilege! In addition to the array of nightlife, there is the most infamous show in all of Benidorm – Sticky Vicky. Bear in mind that this is a very rude magic show, so we don't recommend it if you brought your dad on your stag do! This act will take your breath away in every sense of the word - it's certainly not one for people who are easily shocked.

With its beautiful sights, affordable activities and fantastic nightlife, Benidorm is a great choice for stag dos looking for a location abroad. If you're looking for an affordable location with some guaranteed sun, sea and sand, a Benidorm stag do could be just the thing that you are looking for.

So why wait? Get in touch with us to let us know exactly what you are looking for on your perfect Benidorm Stag Do, and we’ll tailor make you a quote that includes everything you want at a price that you’ll love – before you know what’s happening, you’ll be on your way to this beautiful destination with the lads by your side and money in your pocket. Doesn’t that sound perfect?

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