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Stag Do Weekends in Benidorm


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Stag Do Weekends in Benidorm

Benidorm has been a popular tourist destination in Spain since the early part of the twentieth century, and this popularity is in part due to the welcoming nature of the city. This makes it a perfect destination for those Stag Weekends where you want to enjoy some sun, sea and sand as you celebrate the stag’s last weekend of freedom.

With temperatures pushing upwards of thirty degrees in the summer months, Benidorm is a fabulous location, made even better by the ease in which it can be reached – Alicante airport is served by most airports in the UK, and the flights can cost less than a taxi home on a good night out. Instead of a night in your local walkabout, you could be walking about on some beautiful Spanish beaches.

You won’t be lacking for things to do while you are out there either. Just like with many beach destinations, water-based activities are the most popular options – chilling out on your own private Catamaran Cruise, bouncing around on the famous Banana Boat, wobbling around on a wakeboard or ploughing through the sky while parascending, Benidorm has all of this and more, giving you a huge variety of activities all at very reasonable prices.

Your day doesn’t end there either. Benidorm’s nightlife is an unbelievable mixture of bars, pubs, and amazing nightclubs – it is said that the nightlife rivals that of Ibiza, only without charging you an absolute fortune for the privilege! And as well as all of these options, there is the most infamous show in all of Benidorm – Sticky Vicky. A very rude magic show (that is not recommended if you brought your dad on your stag do), this act will take your breath away in every sense of the word – not for those who are easily shocked!

In short, the sunny beautiful sights make a stag do weekend in Benidorm absolutely perfect – so why not grab a drink and head down to the beach.

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