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About Chester

Reasons to visit

Whilst it may not be high on your immediate list of stag weekend destinations, a Chester Stag Do is a great choice for a large number of reasons. After all, it has been around since the 1st century when it was founded as a Roman Fortress, and who knew how to party better than the Romans themselves? This seemingly respectable city walks the perfect line between being respectable enough to offer everything you’d expect from a city with its reputation, while still having nightlife that will astonish you. A perfect combination.

Popular activities

Lets not bury the lead here shall we – Chester has an activity that it is famous for, and that a lot of groups go to the city to specifically experience. That is, of course a day at the races. After all, the horse racing track is universally considered one of the best in the country, and nothing livens a Chester Stag Do up than watching some races and putting on a bet or three, while enjoying a drink. This is, of course, something we can absolutely arrange for your Chester Stag Do if that’s what you are after, we can even advise on the best dates to go so that you are at the best possible track meets. We can even arrange to get you to the venue, get you down to the trackside and even get you drinks and bets to get you started.

The important thing to remember however, is that while the horse racing is a big part of some Chester Stag Dos, it’s not all that there is available, and is certainly not a requirement! Other popular activities are many and varied. For example, if you fancy something to get your adrenaline pumping, we offer various more physical activities, with the DTV shredder and the river bugs being particularly popular options – they’re not available in many places, so make the most of them while you are there.

Alternatively, if you just want to kick back and relax, why not try a pub crawl treasure hunt? Available any time of the day or evening, this is a great way to hang out and spend time with the lads while still getting a little bit competitive, as you’ll be split into teams to see who can get all the clues in all the pubs the quickest – but you do have to have a drink in each one too!


As well as all of this culture and brilliant entertainment, a Chester Stag Do will introduce you to nightlife that is second to none. Before you get too involved in the drinking, it’s probably worth stopping to grab something to eat. Luckily, this city has a huge selection of restaurants will mean you are easily able to choose whatever you fancy – whether it’s a curry, a burger, or even something more exotic.

Once you’ve had your fill of eating and your stomachs are well lined, then it is time to head out to the best and most infamous part of any Chester Stag Do – the drinking! A night out in Chester has an atmosphere that is indescribable, and is certainly one of the nicest places you’ll have ever been on a night out. With lots of the pubs and bars being very close together indeed, you won’t waste any time walking about trying to get to where you are going – instead, you’ll just be trying pub after pub and bar after bar to see who is serving the best beer and where the most beautiful eye candy is.

Once you find yourselves ready to move on from the pubs and bars, don’t worry – your Chester Stag Do isn’t over yet! There are a couple of absolutely amazing nightclubs in the city, with one spread over three floors! This ensures that whatever type of music you like to listen to, there will be something playing somewhere that encourages you politely but firmly onto the dancefloor.

If you fancy something a bit different, why not head off for a night at the casino? Drinks brought to your table combined with some of the best games of skill (and chance) you’ve ever played is a great way to spend some time on your Chester Stag Do – and who knows? You might even win enough back that the whole weekend has basically cost you nothing!

The other end-of-evening choice is a gentlemen’s club. Always a popular option on any stag do, this will mean that you get to sit back, sip a beer and enjoy the kind of show you don’t get to enjoy anywhere else!


We’ve discussed all of the great activities and nightlife a Chester Stag Do can provide for you, but there will be some of you wondering about accommodation? After all, where you are going to stay is an important part of planning any weekend away. The good news is that there is a great selection of accommodation available in Chester for your stag do. With options to suit every budget, you’ll be well-located and well looked after whether you are staying in five star luxury or in great value budget accommodation. And that feeling of being looked after will follow you throughout your stag weekend in Chester.

To put it bluntly, a Chester Stag Do is an absolutely brilliant option for any group of lads who are looking for an outstanding weekend away. Get in touch and let us know what you want to get up to, and we’ll tailor make you a perfect quote for your Chester Stag Do, making sure that every base is covered and that you have an absolutely amazing weekend away.

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