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Air Rifles Stag Do Weekends

The Details

It's time to test your marksmanship, and see who's got the best aim as you pick up your air rifles and take shots at a wide selection of targets. With air rifles you get the visceral excitement of shooting, complete with instructor and safety briefing. Lock and load, and away you go!

Using top quality .177 or .22 calibre rifles, you'll be taught how to shoot and then set up at a target range to test both your patience and your accuracy. If you're a country boy like me, who grew up shooting air rifles out in the sticks, there's also a lot of pride and bragging rights at stake here! The targets certainly won't be easy, but the feeling of accomplishment when you clatter them all will more than make up for it! This is a fantastic activity for any stag do that enjoys outdoor activities, and there's always some good natured competition to find out who the group sniper really is! If you really want to up the ante, why not put a few bets and forfeits on the contest?

If an air rifles stag do sounds right up your street, please enquire with our friendly team so that we can put together the best possible package for you!

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