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Stag Do Weekends in Krakow


About Krakow

As one of the largest and oldest cities in Poland, Krakow has a lot of history and is a culturally significant city. It’s also one of the fastest growing stag weekend destinations of the last fifteen years, surging in popularity due to its great value for money and the huge selection of activities available when you are there. Easily accessible by very reasonably priced flights from a large number of major UK airports, Krakow has worked hard to push itself into the position it is now, where it is consistently a hugely popular destination.

And it’s no surprise to see why.

With its great value for money, you can easily tailor a Krakow weekend to suit any budget whatsoever. And that starts with the accommodation. Whether you fancy a cheap hotel, apartments that allow you a little living space alongside your bedrooms or whether you want to stay in total luxury, Krakow has all of these options and loads more available to you.

Activity-wise, there’s a huge range of activities available to you for your stag weekend. If you are into excitement and adrenaline-fuelled activities, then you may enjoy things like the 4x4 Off Road Driving or the White Water rafting. Alternatively, you might be the sort of person who’d absolutely love to shoot an AK-47 (after all, you’ll never get to do that in England), and that’s one of Krakow’s most popular stag weekend activities.

And then, of course, you have the nightlife. Whether you just want to head out and experience the best bars that Poland has to offer, whether you want to try some Beer Tasting or Vodka Tasting, whether you want to visit one of their most famous gentlemen’s clubs or whether you just want a nightclub in which you can dance to your hearts content – the nightlife in Krakow will ensure that you keep partying through the night and right into the next day.

If a stag do weekend in Krakow sounds like the perfect match for you, or if it's on your shortlist, contact one of our stag do specialists on 01202 566100 or via the contact form to create the best stag weekend in Krakow.

What Can You Do In Krakow?