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About Krakow

Why pick a Krakow Stag Do?

As one of the largest and oldest cities in Poland, Krakow has a lot of history and is a culturally significant city. It’s also one of the fastest growing stag do destinations of the last fifteen years, surging in popularity due to its great value for money and the huge selection of activities available when you are there. Krakow has worked hard to push itself into the position it is now, where it is consistently a hugely popular destination.

And it’s no surprise to see why.

With its great value for money, you can easily tailor a Krakow Stag Do to suit any budget whatsoever, and this freedom (combined with the great selection of activities, nightlife and other things to do while you are there) have made a Krakow Stag Do an absolutely essential option for when you are planning a lads weekend away.

Getting There and Getting Around

You might worry about how to get to a Krakow Stag Do. After all, it does mean you’ll need to jump on a plane, and there’s always a worry that none of the flights will be from your closest airport. The good news is that direct flights to Krakow operate from sixteen different UK airports (at the time of writing), so no matter where you are based, it’s not far at all to find an airport that will get you where you want to go.

The prices are very reasonable too – while they obviously vary based on dates and times, they can be as cheap as £10 - yet another way that a Krakow Stag Do demonstrates its amazing value for money.

Where to Stay?

Where to stay on your Krakow Hen Do is something to give a little consideration to. While budgetary constraints may have an impact on what you want, all of the options are great value for money, so whether you fancy a cheap hotel, apartments that allow you a little living space alongside your bedrooms or whether you want to stay in total luxury, you should be able to arrange the best option for your group in Krakow.

Popular activities

There are a huge range of activities available to you for your Krakow Stag Do. Let’s start with the most popular activity, which is the firearms package. This amazing package gives you the chance to fire some pistols that you’d never normally get the chance to fire, as well as something even more infamous – an AK-47. You’ll never get the chance to shoot one of those anywhere in the UK (or many other countries), and therefore if the stag enjoys shooting and adrenaline-fuelled excitement, then the Krakow firearms package is definitely one that is worth adding to your Krakow Stag Do.

Other exciting activities that are always popular include things like the 4x4 Off Road Driving or the White Water rafting. After all, tackling some rapids with just a small inflatable raft between you and the water, or pushing a 4x4 to it’s limits over an extreme course, both make for a thrilling Krakow Stag Do, and there is a reason these activities are often added to weekends away in this city.


Where to start with the nightlife in Krakow? It is amazing. The atmosphere is completely out of this world, and you’ll find yourselves completely enthralled in the amazing feel and sheer audacity of this cracking city. There’s so much nightlife to choose from, that quite often a guide is the way to go, to give you a chance to experience the best drinking establishments that your Krakow Stag Do has to offer. This is why we offer guided bar crawls (and why they are so commonly requested), as what could be more perfect for an evening in a new city than to have a local show you all of the best available options.

Many Krakow Stag Dos also like to embrace the wide range of evening options and include some planned night-time activities, and the good news is that there are plenty to choose from. The Beer Tasting is a true favourite, as is the vodka tasting – after all, if the country you are spending your stag do in is famous for certain types of drinks, it’d be rude to not try them whatsoever. Food options are varied and superb as well – all different types of cuisine available, so whether you want something local to Krakow, or just fancy a burger, you’ll have no problem at all finding somewhere that suits. Alternatively, if you fancy something a bit more out of the ordinary when it comes to your evening meal, why not try a stripper dinner? After all, strippers are great, dinner is great, why not combine the two?

And then, of course, you have the nightlife itself. Krakow is full of bars and pubs that will serve you some of the tastiest beer, vodka and other cocktails known to man for the entire evening. Some of the bars are a bit quieter for relaxing, and some love to get you up and jumping by playing some great music. Once you’ve finished exploring all the pubs and bars, why not venture on to somewhere else? Nightclubs are always a popular option, as you’ll be able to dance your way through until morning, and both Gentlemen’s Clubs and Casinos are very welcoming to Krakow Stag Dos. The nightlife in Krakow is so perfect that it will ensure that you keep partying through the night and right into the next day.

If that all sounds like the sort of thing you’d love, then get in touch and ask us to tailor make you a perfect Krakow Stag Do quote. Before you know it, you’ll be jumping on a plane, eager to experience it yourself.

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