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Stag Do Weekends in Swansea

About Swansea

You may not consider Swansea to be one of the premier stag destinations in the UK – but you’d be doing the city a great disservice by not considering it as an option. Located on the south coast of wales, this city has award winning beaches as well as a fantastic range of nightlife and an atmosphere all its very own, leading to a stag weekend that will be completely unforgettable.

To start with, you need somewhere to stay. As with everything, different people are looking for different qualities in stag do accommodation. Some just want the best value place that they can sleep, some want the life of luxury – well no matter what you want, Swansea will be able to provide somewhere perfect for you and the boys to base yourself on this weekend of excitement and wonder.

Swansea offers many activities on top of the traditional stag do options. While Go-Karting, Quad Biking and Paintball are all available and popular here, other more specific activities tend to be more popular in Swansea. Surfing is one – because of course, when you have beautiful beaches and a gorgeous coastline, then a logical thing to spend your afternoon doing is enjoying that to the extreme. The other extremely popular activity for your Swansea Stag Do Weekend is Gorge Scrambling. Instead of just admiring the local scenery, this exhilarating activity lets you explore it in ways you had not considered – climbing cliffs, dropping down into gorges, getting a real feel for the local scenery in a way you never have before.

After all of those activity options, you’ll probably want to sit down and grab a bite to eat – whether that’s a quick burger or a proper three course meal – before heading out for your night out on the town. Swansea has a great collection of pubs and bars that you can spend hours exploring, before finding your way to their most popular nightclub and seeing out the rest of the night on the dance floor.

What Can You Do In Swansea?