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About Swansea

Why choose a Swansea Stag Do?

You may not consider Swansea to be one of the premier stag destinations in the UK – but you’d be doing the city a great disservice by not considering it as an option. A Swansea Stag Do is the sort of thing that only happens once in a blue moon – it’s a perfect culmination of place and purpose, as when you are visiting this city, it becomes very clear that everything it has to offer is very complimentary to stag dos.

Located on the south coast of Wales, this city has award winning beaches as well as a fantastic range of nightlife and an atmosphere all its very own, leading to a stag do that will be completely unforgettable. In fact, Swansea has steadily risen in popularity for stag dos, primarily through word of mouth – after all, if something was good, everyone talks about it, and that’s definitely what’s happening here.

Where to Stay?

What do you need on a perfect stag do? Well to start with, you need somewhere to stay. As with everything in life, a perfect place to stay for a Swansea stag Do means different things to different people. Some groups are just looking for somewhere to rest their heads and want to keep their budgets down – and for those groups, Swansea has plenty of guest houses and chain hotels that can easily offer those options.

On the other hand, there are some groups that want the life of luxury, looking for four star hotels with plenty of facilities and a posh atmosphere. The good news is that in Swansea it doesn’t matter what you want, as there are plenty of places to choose from that cover all the bases.

Popular activities

Popular activities for Swansea Stag Dos tend to be split between two different options. The first is the more traditional stag do activities, such as Go-Karting, Paintballing and Quad Biking – all of which are consistently popular and regularly become part of Swansea Stag Dos. However, there’s also a second set of activities which are popular precisely because they aren’t offered everywhere, but they are offered in Swansea.

Surfing is one of these – because of course, when you have beautiful beaches and a gorgeous coastline, then a logical thing to spend your afternoon doing is enjoying that to the extreme. Booking a surfing session on your Swansea Stag Do is always popular, as it includes an instructor who will be able to work with the entire group regardless of individual experience – so even if some of you have never stood on a surfboard in your life and some of you are professional surfers, no-one will feel left out in this nail biting and adrenaline-fuelled activity.

The other extremely popular activity for any Swansea Stag Do is Gorge Scrambling. Instead of just admiring the local scenery, this exhilarating activity lets you explore it in ways you had not considered – climbing cliffs, dropping down into gorges, getting a real feel for the local scenery in a way you never have before. Again, this activity comes with a trained and well-respected instructor to ensure that everyone has the best possible time while ensuring no-one gets lost or stuck somewhere!

That’s just a handful of the activities commonly booked for a Swansea Stag Do. As you can see from the list below we offer forty or more activities in this destination, so no matter how many you want to try to include in your weekend away, you won’t run out of choices any time soon.


After all of those activity options, you’ll probably want to sit down and grab a bite to eat before heading out for your night out on the town. Whether you are the sort of group who enjoy having a full three course sit-down meal, or whether you want something you can eat in one hand (burger, pizza etc) while continuing to drink with the other hand, we can make sure that you have whatever you need to ensure you are set up for a big night out.

A big night out on a Swansea Stag Do won’t be lacking in choice – that’s for sure. This city has so many great pubs and bars all located near to each other that you’ll quickly find yourselves moving from place to place trying to find the venue that most perfectly suits your group. Once you’ve found it, you may end up staying there for a while, or you might move on to see if you can find anywhere else that suits your tastes as well as that first one did.

Regardless of how many pubs or bars you visit, you’ll be welcomed in with open arms and drink your way through a great selection of drinks – pints of beer, shots, cocktails, whatever your poison, you’ll be filled with it on your Swansea Stag Do.

If you fancy something different during your night out, why not try visiting one of the cities popular gentlemen’s clubs? After all, who doesn’t enjoy the view of beautiful women dancing while you enjoy another drink or three? For some other groups the casino is a great place to visit, especially if you are all fans of the same games so that you can compete to try and win money from each other.

Regardless of anything else though, the most common place for a Swansea Stag Do to end up at the end of the night is in a nightclub. Luckily this city has some great ones and you’ll find yourself completely embraced by the music and the atmosphere as you drink and dance your way through until morning.

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