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About Budapest

Why choose a Budapest Hen Do?

The capital of Hungary, Budapest has become one of the most popular Eastern European hen weekend destinations of recent times. This is due to many factors – one being the great value you can get while you are there, another being the party atmosphere of the city, and a third being the accessibility – it’s easy to get to from most major UK airports, and won’t require a bank loan to book the flights either!

In fact, Budapest Hen Dos are one of our fastest growing packages, with enquiries increasing exponentially from year to year. Personally, I think that’s due to the factors already listed, plus intrigue. After all, Stags have been going to Eastern Europe as a standard destination for years, and it has become clear that hen parties are becoming more and more intrigued about what they are missing out on (as well as trying to find somewhere new to travel to!)

With the city being so beautiful and full of culture, you can easily enjoy yourselves by taking in all the sights – and a great way to do that would be by taking a cruise down the famous Danube river. With your ladies by your side and a drink in your hand, you can absorb all of the history and beauty with your best friends. Doesn’t that sound amazing?

Isn't travelling abroad expensive?

That’s the popular rumour, but it’s just not always true. In fact, your money will go further than you’d imagine on a Budapest Hen Do, making it one of the most perfect options for all groups. It’s not just the cost of the packages that are cheap either, but the flights are often bargains and the drinks are a bargain – large glasses of wine can come in at 2 Euros or less and meals can often be as cheap as 5 Euros, so you won’t run any risk of bankrupting yourself on a Budapest Hen Do.

Popular activities

Budapest isn’t just about culture, or history – there’s loads of other activities that you can take part in to enrich and expand your hen weekend experience. There are plenty of activities available, but before we mention any others we should really start with the one that is the most popular by a mile – the Thermal Bath Spa.

Yes, that’s right – it’s a spa that can offer you the kind of relaxation you’d normally only dream of as you sink into the water of some hot natural springs. It doesn’t matter when you go, you’ll find yourself completely chilled out and nicely balanced within five minutes of getting in. It comes highly recommended as the perfect way to get rid of your hangover from the night before!

But of course, that’s not the only thing to do in Budapest. No matter what you enjoy doing, a Budapest Hen Do will be able to provide you with a perfectly planned hen do. If you enjoy making cocktails, then the cocktail making class will absolutely smash it out of the park for you. Want to try an Escape Room? Experience chocolate making? Go for a day at the races? All of these and so much more can be part of your perfect Budapest Hen Do.

If you fancy really pushing the boat out and exploring activities you might never do at home, then trying out the firearms package is an adrenaline-pumping thrill ride that you and the girls won’t stop talking about for weeks afterwards, or if you prefer your adrenaline water-based, then both the powerboats and the wakeboard are activities that will absolutely defy even the best expectations.


We discussed the Thermal Bath Spa earlier, and I’m bringing it up again now to highlight one of the unique evening activities in Budapest – the Thermal Spa Party. That’s right, as great as the thermal spa has already sounded, at night it comes to life in a completely different (but no less amazing) way. They have music pumping, drinks flowing and a party atmosphere of everyone in swimsuits having the time of their lives! It comes highly recommended as an activity everyone should experience at least once, and is therefore an absolutely essential addition to any Budapest Hen Do.

As well as the thermal spa party, Budapest’s nightlife is amazing and varied. The atmosphere is welcoming and exciting, and the city has everything you can imagine or could want for a night out – bars, pubs, clubs, drinks packages, restaurants, even a Medieval Banquet if that’s something that appeals to you. We also highly recommend an organised bar tour, guiding you around the best bars and clubs that the city has to offer. It’s often a good idea to do one of those on your first night, so that you know which venues you enjoy and which you want to return to on your subsequent nights out. Essentially, whatever you need for whatever kind of night out, Budapest is more than happy to provide it.

Getting There

Budapest is easier to get to from the UK than you might think. At the time of writing, there are twelve airports spread across the country that offer direct flights out, and with average flight prices being somewhere between £25 and £35 each way, it’s not going to break the bank to fly out there either! With the airport at Budapest only about half an hour’s drive away from the city centre, you can either get some private transfers arranged with your package, or take advantage of the simple, well maintained and well run public transport options to get you into the city centre.

In short, a Budapest Hen Do is an absolutely perfect option for any hen party, why not get us to tailor you a perfect quote, and go from there?

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