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About Cambridge

Reasons to visit

Cambridge might not spring to mind as the ideal place to have your stag do, but if you stop and think about it, why not? It's had one of the most famous universities in the world since 1209, and if over eight hundred years of students has taught the city anything, it's how to provide nightlife and other entertainment! So why not take advantage of that with a Cambridge Stag Do?

The city is beautiful and interesting, with lots of things to see and do while you walk through it. There is also a beautiful park smack bang in the middle of the city if you want somewhere to relax or kick a ball about. There are also electric scooters and bikes you can hire to get around, which are definitely worth it, as they are loads of fun! All of these aspects (plus loads more) help to give Cambridge a very specific type of atmosphere; welcoming, exciting and historical.

Where to Stay?

Cambridge is a university city and has been for nearly a thousand years at this point. Given that, it’s no surprise that there are plenty of places for people to stay in this bustling busy location. Depending on what sort of budget and requirements your Cambridge Stag Do has, you’ll be able to pick between cheap and cheerful chain hotels, local guest houses and B&Bs or something a bit more luxurious. And trust me, luxurious options are available!

In fact, the city of Cambridge is full of some high-class and luxury options when it comes to accommodation, and frankly nothing is too good for a stag do arranged by the Stag and Hen Experience! You tell us what kind of place you want to stay, and we'll ensure that you end up in a friendly and well located hotel that is absolutely perfect for your Cambridge stag do requirements.

Popular activities

Activity wise, a Cambridge Stag Do will definitely not be lacking for things to do throughout the day. Cambridge offers a great range of activities, from a sedate game of turbo-ten cricket, right through to the utter mayhem of zorb football! No matter what excitement level (or level of athleticism) that your Cambridge Stag Do requires, this city can easily provide activities that will perfectly suit what you are after. Popular options in Cambridge include locking and loading with a shotgun and seeing how many clay pigeons you can pick off, a traditional game of paintball or one of our newest activities, the infamous footgolf!

Sometimes you don’t want an activity that requires a lot of effort though, sometimes you are just keen to have a drink or three, maybe some snacks, and enjoy the beautiful scenery. If you like this option, then we cannot recommend punting enough! A hugely popular option in Cambridge, you can grab some drinks and food from the nearby shops and then get onto a traditional punt, where the punter will act as a tour guide, talking you through the sights and sounds of Cambridge from the chilled out location of the river.

If you like the sound of messing about on the river but want something a bit more exciting than punting, then maybe some kayaking is the activity for your Cambridge Stag Do? After all, you’ll still get to explore the river and the beautiful scenery, but you’ll also be in control of your own boat and there’s always a little competition to see who is the best, which can be great in any stag do activity.


Still, no matter how many or how few activities you are taking part in over the weekend, your nights out will be the true star of your Cambridge stag do. This seemingly reserved city is easily one of the top student hotspots of the world, offering a huge array of bars, pubs and clubs, and more drink offers than you can possibly imagine! You'd better rest up your drinking arm before you go, because you'll be needing it all night long.

In fact, there are so many places to drink that you might find it useful to have a local show you around and identify the best places for you to have a drink or three. In that case, your Cambridge Stag Do definitely needs the addition of the Bar Crawl Babes. These amazing ladies will guide your group to the best and most popular bars in the city, and they’ll even keep the kitty so that they can do all the boring queuing for drinks as well, leaving you with just the essential part of the evening – the drinking!

If you fancy mixing in something different on your Cambridge Stag Do night out, then why not try popping over to the greyhound racing? A brilliant evening activity, you’ll enjoy a few beers and some chips while betting on which dog is fastest – after all, if you win big, the rest of the night is paid for!

Whether you’ve taken advantage of the greyhound racing or any of the other evening activities, or whether you’ve spent the evening touring around the bars, you still need somewhere to end up at the end of the night. Luckily a Cambridge Stag Do still has many options at that point, with multiple nightclubs (playing all kinds of different types of music) being available to you. Alternatively, there are some popular casinos and gentlemens clubs if you’d prefer something a bit different, but no matter where you pick, you’ll find yourself well entertained throughout the night and until the sun comes up. Then – tired, drunk and happy – you can stagger back to your accommodation to finally get some sleep!

If you're looking for a tried and tested student hotspot, with proven stag activities and plenty of nightlife, a stag do weekend in Cambridge is perfect for you!

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