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Stag Do Weekend in Cambridge

About Cambridge

Cambridge might not spring to mind as the ideal place to have your stag weekend, but if you stop and think about it, why not? It's had one of the most famous universities in the world since 1209, and if over eight hundred years of students has taught the city anything, it's how to provide nightlife and other entertainment! So why not take advantage of that with a stag do weekend in Cambridge?

You already know that the city of Cambridge is full of some high-class and luxury options when it comes to accommodation, and frankly nothing is too good for a stag party arranged by the Stag and Hen Experience! You tell us what kind of place you want to stay, and we'll ensure that you end up in a friendly and well located hotel that is absolutely perfect for your stag do requirements.

Activity wise, you're not going to be lacking for things to do either. Cambridge offers the full range of activities, from a sedate game of turbo-ten cricket, right through to the utter mayhem of zorb football! Some of our most popular options include picking up an paddle and exploring the rivers of the city in a kayak, locking and loading with a shotgun and seeing how many clay pigeons you can pick off, or one of our newest activities, the infamous footgolf!

Still, no matter how many or how few activities you are taking part in over the weekend, the nightlife in Cambridge will be the true star of the show. This seemingly reserved city is easily one of the top student hotspots of the world, offering a huge array of bars, pubs and clubs, and more drinks offers that you can possibly imagine! You'd better rest up your drinking arm before you go, because you'll be needing it all night long.

If you're looking for a tried and tested student hotspot, with proven stag activities and plenty of nightlife, a stag do weekend in Cambridge is perfect for you!

What Can You Do In Cambridge?