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About Cardiff

Reasons to visit

Wales isn't exactly overflowing with cities that are famous for their party atmosphere. In fact, you could go so far as to say that Cardiff was the biggest of only two, with Swansea being the alternative. But you can rest assured that as one of only two cities that are built for a big night out in a country of 3 million people, a Cardiff Stag Do is definitely something you should be considering – whether or not you live in Wales!

For those of you who do live in Wales, a Cardiff Stag Do can seem like an obvious choice, but just because something is obvious, that doesn’t mean it’s not a good idea. It’s obvious that you shouldn’t jump off a cliff or run into a wall, and these are good ideas! If you aren’t from Wales, but you want to go somewhere that feels both similar to places you have been before, but also has a touch of something different and new about it, then a Cardiff Stag Do is definitely a slam dunk for you as well.

Where should I stay on a Cardiff Stag Do?

Cardiff is a capital city, and as such has the broad range and depth of accommodation options that you’d expect to find in any capital city. Which means that the option for where to stay really comes down to the specifics of your Cardiff Stag Do. What is it that you want out of your accommodation?

If it’s just a bed to sleep in, a bathroom to shower in and you are trying to keep the budget down, then there are a great selection of chain hotels and guest houses which are very competitive and well located. If you are after something a bit different, then the options are there for you as well. Want to stay in an apartment with the lads? Not a problem. Prefer to stay in a quiet cabin in the country? That's no problem either! Thanks to the availability of countryside, you can be out in the sticks surrounded by peace and quiet, and still be less than half an hour's drive from the city centre nightlife. Perfect for a rowdy night and a quiet morning to nurse your hangover!

Popular activities

Activities are essential to any good stag do, and the great news is that Cardiff is jam packed full of activities with such a wide range that there will be something that appeals to everyone. That’s part of what makes organising a Cardiff Stag Do such a breeze. With more than fifty activities available at the time of writing, it’s no surprise that Cardiff continues to be such a popular destination for stag dos.

Traditional Cardiff Stag Do activities are the same as they are around the country, with favourites such as go karting, quad biking, assault courses, archery, zorb football and more all being popular options to choose if you want to enhance your weekend away. But the great thing about a Cardiff Stag Do is that there are other, less common options that you have the option to take advantage of while you are there, which will really raise your Stag Do to the next level! In fact, why don’t we take a moment now to outline the three most popular of these options for you:

  1. Gorge Scrambling is extremely popular, letting you explore the beautiful countryside, climb cliffs and scramble up streams. You’ll have an amazing local guide to take you around the area and show you all of the best spots, as well as letting you jump into rivers and climb all around the welsh countryside.
  2. Another popular Cardiff Stag Do activity are the inflatable games. A combination of assault course, school sports day and Total Wipeout, these games are always a thrill. They are also country specific, so doing them in Cardiff will mean they have some exciting Welsh exclusive elements that never fail to entertain!
  3. White Water Rafting is the third on this list, and is yet another reason why a Cardiff Stag Do is worth pursuing. After all, where else could you all pile onto rafts and tackle nature together, to see if you can survive this incredible challenge?


Cardiff is a capital city as well as being home to not one but two universities, which means that one thing you know it will do well is nightlife. And believe me, it really manages to excel in this department. As you can imagine, there are a huge array of bars and pubs for you and your stag party to relax and enjoy a few pints in, and that’s only the start. If you fancy drinking somewhere a bit different on one of your nights out, then the Party Boat is one of those activities that you’ll never regret taking part in.

That’s not all of the nightlife you’ll experience on your Cardiff Stag Do, not by a long shot. As well as the bars and pubs, you’ll find yourselves with a huge choice of nightclubs, and if that’s not the ideal end for your night out, then how about a trip to a gentlemen’s club, or spending the rest of the night playing your way through hands of blackjack in one of the countries premier casinos? In other words, any evening activity you can imagine is there and waiting for you on your Cardiff Stag Do.

Simply put, Cardiff is the premier location for any Welsh stag do and is guaranteed to provide a weekend you'll never forget. If a Cardiff Stag Do sounds right for you, please get in contact today!

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