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Stag Do Weekends in Cardiff

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Wales isn’t exactly overrun with cities that are famous for their party atmosphere. In fact, you could go so far as to say that Cardiff was the biggest of the only two (with Swansea being the other). One of only two party cities in a country of 3 million people. Sounds like they really must be doing something right to be as popular as they are, right?

That is absolutely the case. Cardiff is extremely popular with everyone because it’s got everything you’d ever need for a stag party. Need some accommodation? Whatever you need, Cardiff has it. Hotels in the centre of town? Loads of them. Apartments? Not a problem. A quiet cabin in the country? Easy. You can be in the countryside surrounded by peace and quiet, and still only be less than half an hour’s drive from the nightlife. It is absolutely perfect.

And that perfection spills over into the activities that are available as well. Obviously there’s a huge array available – Go Karting, Quad Biking, Assault Courses, Archery, Zorb Football, the list goes on. But as well as these traditional activities, Cardiff has some less common options that can really enhance a stag party. Gorge Scrambling is extremely popular, letting you explore the beautiful countryside, climb cliffs and scramble up streams, and then there are the Inflatable games – these are country specific, and have some exciting welsh-exclusive elements that never fail to entertain.

After all those activities, you’ll be gasping for a drink – and Cardiff isn’t exactly slacking in that department either! Cardiff has a huge selection of bars and pubs for you to relax and enjoy one or more pints in, before heading out to it’s vast array of nightclubs and partying the night away, stopping off at a gentlemens club on the way back to your accommodation.

Simply put, Cardiff is the premier location for your Welsh Stag Do – it’ll be a weekend you never forget.

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