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About Exeter

Reasons to Visit

There are some destinations that are infamous for being great Stag Do locations, and there are some that you just don’t think about. Quite often, there’s no real reason behind it either, and that’s definitely the case with Exeter. It’s easily accessible and a great option for a stag weekend – especially if you are based in the South West. This University city has a huge selection of entertainments available, so whether you are after a day filled with activities or a night filled with drinking, an Exeter Stag Do is the perfect idea for you.

Exeter is famous for many things – its history, its artworks, its contribution to culture in general (and for being where Chris Martin from Coldplay grew up), but while those facts are interesting, they aren’t the reason that an Exeter Stag Do is a great idea. The reason that an Exeter Stag Do is a great idea is simply that Exeter has some of the best weather in the UK, has a thriving selection of activities to enjoy, and has nightlife to die for.

Where to Stay?

This city is filled with many accommodation options, so whatever your Exeter Stag Do requirements or budget may be, you’ll still be able to find perfect options for you and the lads. Most groups tend to go for a chain hotel – great value, well located and accommodating to larger groups, but if you fancy something a bit different we can also offer friendly local guest houses and B&Bs, or even a posher hotel with all kinds of facilities if you want to live the life of luxury on your Exeter Stag Do.

The one thing that won’t change regardless of which type of accommodation you pick is how well located it is. All of our Exeter accommodations are chosen because they are easily accessible from the city centre, meaning that when you are trying to come back from a big night out, you won’t have to worry about spending a fortune to get back to your hotel.

Popular activities

After dropping your bags off at whichever one of the many great accommodation options Exeter has to offer, you’ll be straight out to entertain yourselves with a selection of the finest activities you've ever experienced. For many Exeter Stag Dos, the appeal in the activities lies in competition – because after all, what’s a better way to have a great weekend with the lads than to see who is the best at certain things?

Popular Exeter Stag Do activities include climbing your way to excitement with a high ropes course, taking aim and seeing who is able to perform the best Robin Hood impression at an archery session, or rolling up your sleeves and digging into a classic game of dodgeball. That’s just a few examples from the many options available (which you can see listed in the links below). One of the most popular activities is Zorb Football, which is exactly as crazy as it sounds. It’s a game of five a side football where every player is encased in a body sized inflatable ball, so essentially, it’s just a bunch of balls running around with legs sticking out of the bottom! A perfect activity for both footballers and non-footballers alike, as skill means nothing when you can’t get close to each other without bouncing around like a pinball.

And we haven’t even mentioned one of Exeter’s most popular activities – the racecourse. Exeter racecourse is set in some beautiful countryside, has excellent transport to and from the city centre and provides you with a day out that you’ll remember forever. Grab a couple of drinks, place a few bets and cheer as your horses gallop their way to victory.


The wonderful thing about visiting a new city is getting to explore all of the nightlife. If you get it right, you’ll find bars and pubs that you will remember fondly for the rest of your life. With that in mind, why not go for something a bit different on your first night out and let us organise some kind of bar crawl for you? We can either arrange a pub crawl treasure hunt, where you’ll compete with the rest of the lads to see who can find all the relevant things at the relevant pubs the fastest or, if that sounds like it involves too much thinking and hard work, why not book the Bar Crawl Babes? These ladies are local and full of knowledge, so they’ll be able to guide you to the best places in the city for a drink or three. They’ll even do the boring queueing at the bar for you, meaning that all you need to do is relax and enjoy your drinks!

Regardless of whether you want an organised bar crawl or not, you will find that Exeter is full of pubs and bars that will keep you going all evening. Once you’ve finished with those and want to move on to another option, you’ll find that this city has loads to offer you. Whether you fancy a nightclub, a comedy club, a gentlemens club or a casino, you won’t have to travel very far to keep your night out going long into the next day – and isn’t that the goal of every Exeter Stag Do?

If you were undecided about an Exeter Stag Do before you started reading this page, hopefully you’ve now realised just what a great option it can be for you and the lads. Why not get in touch and let us tailor make you a perfect quote that suits your requirements, your budget and your desires?

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