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Stag Do Weekends in Milton Keynes

About Milton Keynes

A lot of you thought “Why is Milton Keynes” on this list when you clicked on this, didn't you? It’s OK, that’s a perfectly understandable reaction. However, what you may not know is that Milton Keynes is one of our fastest growing Stag Do Weekend destinations, and it’s for very good reason. Located and an equal distance from London, Birmingham, Leicester, Oxford and Cambridge, it is a great location to choose if you have people coming to your stag do who are spread out all over the country. But that’s not its only selling point. Being a modern town that was planned and built within the last half of the twentieth century, Milton Keynes is modern and has all the facilities you’d want from a stag weekend destination.

Accommodation-wise, the options are many and varied, with hotels and guest houses to suit every request and budget, ranging from the luxurious to the functional, and all perfectly located for a weekend of fun and excitement.

On the activities front is where Milton Keynes is no slouch, with over thirty-five activities available for stag weekends at the time of writing. This includes such staples as Go-Karting and Clay Pigeon Shooting, as well as some more off the wall options like Segways, Escape Rooms or even the infamous Electric Shock Football.

And then, there’s the nightlife. And here is where Milton Keynes shines. This town is full of great nightspots for you and the guys to explore while you give the stag the best night of his life. Whether you want to take a gamble and hit a casino, relax in a traditional English pub, get geared up in a trendy bar or dance the night away in a huge nightclub – Milton Keynes has you covered. And that’s not even mentioning the Gentlemen’s club options, which will definitely end the night with a bang.

If this sounds like the sort of stag do you’d enjoy (and lets face it, who wouldn’t enjoy this?) then get in touch and let us make your perfect Milton Keynes Stag Do Weekend a reality.

What Can You Do In Milton Keynes?