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About Portsmouth

Why choose a Portsmouth Stag Do?

For a slightly different stag do - why not try the waterfront wonder that is Portsmouth? A city that never settles for anything less than the best, Portsmouth has a long history, the tallest accessible structure in the UK (outside London) and, most importantly of all, has a huge selection of bars, clubs and other activities suitable for stags of all ages!

Located on the beautiful south coast, this city is overflowing with character and atmosphere, and will give you a completely different vibe than many other cities in the UK – it'll make sure that your Portsmouth Stag Do is one to remember for a long time to come.

Getting There

Portsmouth is easy to get to from the vast majority of cities in the UK, however you are travelling. Located at a junction of three major roads (the M27, the A3 (M) and the A27) means that whether you are travelling from east, west or north, you’ll have no problems driving down to this superb destination. And if you are trying to get there by train, that’s easy as well. Due to its multiple direct trains a day that run into London, it’s easy to get from anywhere to Portsmouth by train.

Where to Stay?

Portsmouth is not short of accommodation options. If you are a group who are just looking for somewhere to sleep while keeping your budget down, there are plenty of centrally located low-cost chain hotels and guest houses to suit you. If you’d prefer something a bit more upmarket, there are plenty of options there as well, ensuring that your Portsmouth Stag Do will be able to stay in accommodation that is perfect for you all.

Popular activities

With around forty activity options available for your Portsmouth Stag Do, this city is clearly filled to the brim with great options for you. Being located where it is and with so much of the city’s character coming from the waterfront, it’s no surprise that one of the most popular Portsmouth stag do activities is Sea Fishing. After all, who doesn’t like to get out on a boat with a drink or two and spend the day catching fish with your mates? What a perfect way to spend an afternoon.

The other water-based activity that is always requested when planning a Portsmouth Stag Do is Jet Skiing. This is one of those activities that you don’t get the chance to try very often (especially if you don’t live somewhere coastal), so when the chance arises, you’d be silly not to try out the self-professed “motorbikes of the sea”. The thrill you get when opening the throttle on these amazing machines will stay with you long after your feet have returned to dry land.

If you’d prefer an activity on dry land, then don’t worry, Portsmouth is full of those as well. Go Karting is always popular as an option, as competing against your fellow Portsmouth Stag Do travellers to see who is the best driver is an activity that never gets old. Other popular options include the always exciting Zorb Football (where you try to play a game of five a side while your body is surrounded by an inflatable ball), and a simple game of dodgeball, which is just sheer adrenaline incorporated into a sport.


The nightlife that this city can offer is absolutely perfect for any lads weekend away. To start a night out on your Portsmouth Stag Do, why not try the Man V Food style Gutbuster Challenge – after all, if you can eat the giant pile of food, you’ll be forever remembered as a legend.

Other organised evening activities that tend to be popular on any Portsmouth Stag Do include Beer Tasting, where you’ll get the chance to try a flight of some amazing beer and rank what you think is the best, or the pub crawl treasure hunt where you can all compete to see who can find all the answers the quickest, enjoy the most drinks and still stay standing at the end.

With regards to the nightlife, it’s superb. As you can imagine from a city so focussed around it’s association with the navy and other seaside activities, there are a huge selection of traditional pubs dotted around the harbour area which are all very friendly and provide a great place to start your night out. There are plenty of modern bars as well, which means you may find your night out starting in an 18 th century pub with a pint of ale, and a couple of hours later you may have a round of shots while dancing in a popular bar.

Nightclubs are plentiful here as well, with your Portsmouth Stag Do being given options for a wide range of nightclubs – every type of music from cheesy pop to house music is covered, and all of these clubs are very close to each other, so you can even try out more than one on one night. If you don’t want the nightclub to be the end of your night out, then the proliferation of great casinos and gentlemen’s clubs will help you here, giving you other places to go until the sun comes up and you finally stagger back to your accommodation, desperate to rest your head for a few hours.

So there you have it. A Portsmouth Stag Do, while not necessarily being one of the most immediate options you are likely to think of, is in fact one of the best weekends away you’ll ever experience in the UK. Why not get in touch and let us tailor you a perfect quote for your Portsmouth Stag Do?

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