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About Sheffield

Why should I choose a Sheffield Stag Do?

Sheffield is a city full of potential to provide you with the best stag do you’ve ever had. This buzzing northern city has grown over the years to be a centre of excellence in many ways, and luckily for you, one of the ways it has grown is to be able to provide large amounts of excitement, entertainment and nightlife – which is absolutely perfect for your stag do.

This city is the largest in South Yorkshire, and is proud of its history and heritage, as well as being remarkably forward thinking. Known as being the home to not one, but two of the most famous football teams in the world, Sheffield is also the ancestral seat of one of our company directors, which means that we are perfectly placed to organise a Sheffield Stag Do that is so good you’ll never want to go anywhere else again.

Where to Stay?

With a range of accommodation available that encompasses all requirements and budgets, you won’t be short of somewhere to stay, which is always good news. In fact, your Sheffield Stag Do will have its pick of hotels, guest houses, B&Bs and more to ensure that whatever your desires may be for your accommodation, you’ll be well covered.

All of our accommodation is well located, ensuring that you’ll have an easy weekend getting to and from it from the vast array of activities, bars and nightclubs that you will no doubt be visiting throughout your Sheffield Stag Do.

Popular activities

The real attraction for Sheffield is the huge selection of activities that are available for your perfect stag do weekend. With over forty-five activities easily available, Sheffield is a perfect base for your stag weekend.

It doesn't matter what type of activity you are looking for – all tastes are provided for here. We’ve already mentioned the fact that this city is famous for having two popular football teams (one of which is the best football team in the world), so if you are a football-loving Sheffield Stag Do, why not embrace that with some football based activities? There’s the option for a five-a-side game of course, but if you fancy something a bit more off the wall, why not try Zorb Football, Footdarts, Goggle Football or even Electric Shock Football – all of which have their own unique challenges for you and the lads to overcome.

Other sporting options are, of course, available as well. Yorkshire is well known for its love of cricket, so why not challenge the rest of the lads to a Turbo Ten Cricket game. It’s a fast paced, short format version of the classic sport, so you’ll get all the excitement and appeal of a game of cricket without having to spend a whole day on it.

The other hugely popular sub-section of activities for many Sheffield Stag Dos are motorsports, of which we have plenty. If you want to challenge the other members of your Sheffield Stag Do to a proper race, then nothing beats the thrill of Go-Karting. You’ll race around a well-designed and well-maintained track to see who is going to finish on that all important podium. Alternatively, if you want to try some motorsports that are a bit different, why not try the Argocats? These multi-wheeled amphibious vehicles are designed to tackle any type of terrain, and you’ll get the chance to take them around a specially designed obstacle course which will let you see exactly what they can do.

That’s just a few examples of activities you could try on your Sheffield Stag Do, and as you can see from the list below, we have loads more available. Essentially, if you want a certain type of activity on your stag do, then don’t worry, Sheffield will be able to provide it.


We’ve not even discussed the nightlife that you’ll experience on a Sheffield Stag Do yet. Don’t worry, we haven’t been avoiding it because there’s nothing to say, I just got a little distracted telling you about all of the great activities that are available.

Sheffield has a reputation for being a great night out, and that reputation is richly deserved. With a huge selection of pubs and bars, you’ll be spoilt for choice on where to start the evening – though I suggest grabbing some food before you do anything else. We’ve got plenty of options on that front, with everything from grabbing a burger to a proper sit-down meal being available for your Sheffield Stag Do to book. Once your stomachs are full and your energy has been replenished, then it’s time to head out and see what Sheffield can do for you on a night out.

The great thing about a night out on a Sheffield Stag Do is that you’ll need to do very little walking even if you are travelling from pub to pub and bar to bar, as a large number of them are located very close to each other indeed. In fact, you’ll be so spoilt for choice that you may find yourself visiting any number of pubs or bars because it’s always tempting to see just how good the one next door is.

After you’ve finished hitting the pubs and bars, the trend of being spoilt for choice will continue, as you’ll then have to choose between popular nightclubs, gentlemens clubs and casinos for somewhere to end your night out.

In short, no matter what you are looking for on your weekend away, a Sheffield Stag Do is going to be able to provide everything you’ve ever dreamed of and so much more besides.

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