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Stag Do Weekends in Woolacombe

About Woolacombe

Woolacombe is a surfers paradise. This North Devon spot is perfect for those stag weekends where being beach-side is all important, while still being able to enjoy more than a few drinks throughout the weekend. With a relaxed atmosphere and beautiful scenery, you’d have a hard time thinking of something better than a Woolacombe Stag Do Weekend.

Accommodation is central and wide-ranging, meeting whatever budgetary requirements you may have whilst still providing you comfortable beds and great atmosphere. But the accommodation is oft-considered secondary to the activities, and Woolacombe provides a great selection in that regard.

Number one activity is, of course, surfing. With Woolacombe being a popular surf spot providing some of the best waves in the country, a large selection of our stag parties end up on a board riding the waves. But that’s not all that Woolacombe is able to provide for you. As well as the sea-based activities, Woolacombe has everything from Air Rifles to Footdarts, Zorb Football to Quad Bikes and so much more besides. It’s a perfect stag do weekend location for you and the boys to enjoy a variety of exciting things to do whatever you are interested in – and isn’t that what you want from a stag weekend destination?

And the nightlife has an atmosphere unlike any other. With a great array of pubs, bars and nightclubs, Woolacombe welcomes drinking in all its forms and will happily provide you with a pint, give you a gin and tonic or present you with a pitcher of cocktail – whatever you enjoy, you can enjoy in Woolacombe.

If this all sounds perfect for your stag do weekend, then just let us know what you want and we can easily tailor make you a perfect weekend in Woolacombe, where your worries will just wash away, and you will be able to celebrate with the boys in style.

What Can You Do In Woolacombe?