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About Woolacombe

Why should I pick a Woolacombe Stag Do?

Woolacombe is a surfers paradise. This North Devon spot is perfect for those stag dos where being beach-side is all important, while still being able to enjoy more than a few drinks throughout the weekend. With a relaxed atmosphere and beautiful scenery, you’d have a hard time thinking of something better than a Woolacombe Stag Do.

This small town is one of those stag do destinations that is perfect for some groups, and who knows, yours might be one of them? Do you like beautiful scenery, gorgeous beaches, great places to drink and an array of beautiful women around the town? If so, then I think you may be in luck, as it sounds like a Woolcambe Stag Do would be perfect for you.

Where to Stay?

Accommodation is central and wide-ranging for any Woolacombe Stag Do group. Whatever your requirements or budgetary concerns, you’ll be able to find something that suits exactly what you need. For some groups, it’s as simple as finding somewhere with a comfy bed that doesn’t cost the earth, while for others it is finding somewhere that is the height of luxury accommodation.

Whatever you need, we can arrange it for your Woolacombe Stag Do. But lets be honest, on any stag do the accommodation is oft-considered secondary to the activities, and Woolacombe provides a great selection of activity options to keep you entertained throughout the weekend.

Popular activities

The number one activity for any Woolacombe Stag Do is, of course, surfing. With Woolacombe being a popular surf spot providing some of the best waves in the country, a large selection of our stag parties end up on a board riding the waves. This isn’t a particular surprise, but the surprising part is just how popular this activity is. A big part of that is due to the brilliance of the experts who run the sessions, as they ensure that no-one is left behind. So, whether you’ve never set foot on a surfboard in your life, or whether you surf every weekend, there’ll be something for all of you in a Woolacombe Stag Do surfing activity.

Obviously surfing isn’t the only thing that a Woolacombe Stag Do is able to offer you in regards to daytime activities. As well as the sea-based activities, Woolacombe has a huge range of activities available with everything from Air Rifles to Zorb Football and so much more besides. Some of the most popular options include the rough and tumble world of Quad Biking, the electrifying world of Electric Shock Football and the traditional activity that pits man against man until you end up all against the stag – Paintball.

If you want to work together rather than do something super-competitive, then the High Ropes Course is for you. You’ll tackle a man-made activity course that’s suspended high in the sky, and you’ll have to climb, jump and swing your way from the start to the end, buoyed all the way by enthusiasm and encouragement from the rest of your gang. Completing it will give you a great sense of achievement, and really help you all to bond on your Woolacombe Stag Do.

No matter what your preferred type or genre of activity, you will find that a Woolacombe Stag Do is perfect for you and the lads. You’ll get the chance to enjoy a variety of exciting things to do whatever you are interested in – and isn’t that what you want from a stag weekend destination?


The Nightlife on a Woolacombe Stag Do is out of this world. This town has an atmosphere unlike any other, being welcoming, friendly and full of sheer excitement for any group of lads who are looking for a good time. Before you get started on the proper drinking, it’s a great idea to grab something to eat to ensure that you aren’t drinking on an empty stomach. Luckily Woolacombe is packed with places to eat before you go out drinking. Being a surfing town, things like burgers and pizzas are easy to get hold of, although if you have a bit of time and really want to push the boat out, why not go for a full on, sit down, three course meal? You won’t regret it, and it’ll stand you in good stead for the rest of the evening ahead.

And what an evening ahead that will be! With a great array of pubs and bars, Woolacombe welcomes drinking in all its forms and will happily provide you with a pint, give you a gin and tonic or present you with a pitcher of cocktail – so whatever drinks you and the lads are looking to enjoy on your Woolacombe Stag Do, this town will have it all in hand for you, no problem at all.

Essentially, a Woolacombe stag do combines beautiful scenery, some of the best weather in the UK and one of the friendliest towns you’ve ever experienced. If this all sounds perfect for your stag do, then just let us know what you’d like to get up to and we can easily tailor make you a perfect weekend in Woolacombe, where your worries will just wash away, and you will be able to celebrate with the boys in style.

All of our quotes are tailor made to suit the exact requirements of each group, so give us a call, send us an email or just click on the convenient little speech bubble in the bottom corner of the website and tell us exactly what you want for your Woolacombe Stag Do, and we’ll ensure you have the time of your life.

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