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Hen Do Weekends in Berlin

About Berlin

There is a traditional saying when it comes to planning a hen weekend – “Anything you can do, we can do better”. So when stag weekends started investigating Germany as a destination, it took barely a moment before hen weekends were looking at it as well. Berlin, as the party capital of Germany, is an absolutely brilliant destination for a debauched and entertaining hen weekend – the kind which you remember forever, but you never tell anyone about.

While accommodation is plentiful (and thanks to a great, 24 hour public transport system, you’ll have no problem getting back to your accommodation at any time), that’s not where the fun really begins in Berlin. The fun begins with the activities. Whether you are the sort of girls who fancy a tour of the city on an open top bus, or would rather pick up some weaponry and prove your mettle on the target range, Berlin’s got the options for you.

The most popular activity we offer has to be the Beer Bike (which can be swapped out for wine if that is preferable). This distinctly European activity allows you to tour the streets of this beautiful city while enjoying a drink and a chat with the girls – the best of every option. Sure, you may have put a tiny bit of effort in while pedalling, but that’s nothing in comparison with the enjoyment you’ll get from it.

And then you get to the evenings entertainment, which in itself is a reason to visit Berlin. To start with, the food is beautiful and full of variety – whether you want traditional German food or any of the vast majority of other options, it’s a perfect way to start your night out. And then, once you’ve eaten, you can hit the bars in a big bad way. With diverse and vibrant nightlife available throughout the city, and no fixed closing time at weekends, you can party right through until the next day – just don’t party so hard that you miss your flight home!

If a hen do weekend in Berlin sounds like the perfect match for you, please contact us on 01202 566100

What Can You Do In Berlin?