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About Berlin

Why have a Berlin Hen Do?

There is a traditional saying when it comes to planning a hen weekend – “Anything you can do, we can do better”. So when stag weekends started investigating Germany as a destination, it took barely a moment before hen weekends were looking at it as well. Berlin, as the party capital of Germany, is an absolutely brilliant destination for a debauched and entertaining hen weekend – the kind which you remember forever, but you never tell anyone about.

A Berlin Hen Do is all about taking advantage of the many amazing features this capital city has to offer. This is a city rich in history, culture and impressive sights, but it’s also a city filled with great entertainments, a huge number of things to do, and some of the best nightspots in the whole of Europe. So with all of that in mind, it’s definitely worth considering a Berlin Hen Do.

Getting there and Getting about

Getting to Berlin from the UK is pretty easy. There are plentiful flights (most of which can be booked up pretty cheaply), and transport from the airport to the city centre is easy and cheap. Getting around the city itself is very easy, as there is a 24 hour public transport system which includes an underground train system, buses, taxis and even electric scooters (which I’d advise using, because they are great fun!)

Popular activities

There are many activities available for you to pick from when planning the perfect Berlin Hen Do. Obviously we know that different groups are interested in different things when on a hen do, but with Berlin able to offer a great selection of options, then no matter what your preferences may be, this city can easily provide the perfect hen do for you.

If you are the sort of girls who like to explore the area you are in and learn about its culture and history, then why not try a tour of the city on an open top bus? This will take you around the historical hotspots that Berlin is famous for, making sure you get a great view and plenty of information about them.

For groups who fancy doing something a bit more out of the ordinary, then why not lock and load some weapons that you’d never get the chance to pick up in the UK, and compete on the target range to see who is the best shot? Or if you want something that gets your adrenaline pumping but doesn’t involve shooting, why not jump into some canoes and go Kayaking? Exploring the city from the perspective of the river will give you some insights you’ve never considered before.

For any Berlin Hen Do package, the most popular activity we offer has to be the Beer Bike (which can be swapped out for wine if you would prefer it). This distinctly European activity allows you to tour the streets of this beautiful city while enjoying a drink and a chat with the girls – it’s like the culmination of all of the activity options into one perfect afternoon. Sure, you may have put a tiny bit of effort in while pedalling, but that’s nothing in comparison with the enjoyment you’ll get from it (and all of the drinks that you’ll consume!)


We’ve covered what to do during the day, but we all know that the proof of a fantastic Berlin Hen Do is what you get up to in the evenings. To start with, the food is beautiful and full of variety – whether you want traditional German food or any of the vast majority of other options, a pre-booked meal with the girls is a perfect way to start your night out.

And then, once you’ve eaten, you can hit the bars in a big bad way. There isn’t enough space here for me to talk about all of the amazing places for you to drink throughout the city. In fact, given the huge number of options available, it might be wise to start your first night out with a bar crawl. This will allow you to take advantage of a friendly local viewpoint, showing you the best pubs and bars to spend your time in. They’ll take you around, give you advice, and make sure that you are making the most of your nights out in Berlin.

The entire of Berlin is your play area, with bars spread far and wide across the city, so no matter where you find yourselves, you’ll be easily able to walk into a nearby bar and order a cocktail that will absolutely knock your socks off! Nightclubs are many and varied as well, so whatever your desires may be for music, dancing and drinking, you’ll have no problem fulfilling those desires in Berlin. With diverse and vibrant nightlife available throughout the city, and no fixed closing time at weekends, you can party right through until the next day – just don’t party so hard that you miss your flight home!

With all of these great reasons, you can see why Berlin Hen Dos are proving more and more popular as time goes on. What was once considered to be a stag destination is now proving more popular than ever before with hen groups, so you’ll be in good company as you explore the German Capital and have the most amazing weekend away you’ll ever experience.

We can tailor any quote to suit exactly what you would like from your Berlin Hen Do, so get in touch and let us know how we can make a perfect weekend away for you and the girls.

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