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Coventry has an unfair reputation, and it’s all thanks to a saying. Many of us have heard the phrase “Sending you to Coventry”, which traditionally means to ostracise someone. Even though this phrase is believed to have originated back in the Civil War, where captured troops would be taken to Coventry (as it was a royalist stronghold), and the locals were not happy about this. But in this day and age, does Coventry deserve to simply be remembered as somewhere that people were forced to go?

Absolutely not!

Coventry is (and has been for centuries) an important destination in the UK – first it was a centre of cloth trade in the 14th century, then it became synonymous with clock manufacture in the 18th and 19th centuries before being a centre of motor industry in the mid 20th century. As a city that has learned to adapt and improve itself every time a challenge is placed in front of it, you can imagine just how well placed it is nowadays to offer every kind of experience you’d ever want on your hen do. Also, it is famously the most central city in England, and being southeast of Birmingham, southwest of Leicester, north of Warwick and northwest of London, it is somewhere that is easy to get to wherever you are travelling from – which is a boring but very essential part of being a great hen do destination.

Obviously history and location are not the only things that it has going for it to ensure that it can give you the best possible hen do weekend – we haven’t even got to those specifics yet!

Coventry is a city which is used to housing a lot of people – there are two universities based there, and as we all know, universities tend to create requirements for hotels (when people visit) and nightlife (to keep the students occupied). We’ll go back to the nightlife a little later, but for now lets just spend a moment looking at the great accommodation options that this city can provide.

Whatever your requirement, and wherever you want to stay, Coventry can easily provide a solution for you. Want to keep your budget down and stay in a normal chain hotel? Easy, there are plenty to pick from. Want to spend a bit more and live the life of luxury on your special weekend away? No problem whatsoever, four and five star options are always available to ensure that pure luxury is experienced.

But we all know that accommodation is not the most important thing for a hen party. The most important thing for a hen party (apart from the company, and we can’t help there) is to have something great and memorable to do. Activities can make or break a hen do, so it is a good job that Coventry has so many options up its sleeve for you to try.

Some of these are the standard hen do activities that you may have tried and loved before – things like cocktail making, dance classes, pamper days etc. But Coventry also has other things to offer, especially if you fancy a bit more of an adrenaline fuelled hen do. There is a vast range of motorsports available including 4x4 Off Road Driving, Go Karting, Quad Biking and loads more, or if you want something thrilling but without the motorisation, then a session of Indoor Skiing or Snowboarding is clearly the best option for you!

No matter which you pick, all of these activities have one thing in common – they will leave you thirsty and desperate for a great night out, which Coventry can easily provide. We already mentioned that as a city with two universities, their nightlife has to be out of this world, and that is something that I can absolutely confirm. It may not be the city with the largest number of bars, or the city with the most famous nightclubs, but it is not a city you will ever be bored in on a night out. Whatever your preferred type of drinking establishment, Coventry has you covered in the best possible way.

Are you a classic pub goer? Then the fact that Coventry is so full of amazing pubs (including twelve that have appeared in the Good Beer Guide in recent years) should ensure that your whole weekend can be based around the pubs that you like. If you prefer bars, then they have all types in the area – cocktail bars, gin bars, sports bars – whatever you like, they have it. And then we come to the nightclubs.

Again, Coventry may not have the largest nightclub selection of all cities, but it does boast more than a couple, with the pinnacle being a three floor behemoth of a club that also offers live music along with countless dancefloors and a night out so great that you’ll always remember it (assuming that you didn’t drink so much that you forget!).

So what do you think? Has Coventry gone up in your estimation when considering the best places to have your hen do? It should have done, because it is one of those cities that is on the up and up. Every year we have sent more people to Coventry, to ensure that they have the hen do of their lives. And if the interest is climbing, then that must be because it’s a perfect place to have your hen do. If it sounds like the sort of place you’d be interested in, then why not get in touch? We can easily provide you with a quote containing everything you want (and some things that you didn’t know you wanted) to ensure that whatever your Coventry hen do contains, it is absolutely perfect for you.

It’s simple really. Pop us an email, give us a call, click on the silly little button in the bottom right of the screen and chat with us that way – whatever suits you best. We will be able to quickly and confidently give you the best value for money Coventry hen do that you could possibly imagine.

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