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Afternoon Tea Unlimited Prosecco

The Details

Picture the scene, beautiful surroundings, ambient atmosphere, you’re in great company with your nearest and dearest friends and relatives. In front of you a large tray of gorgeous sandwiches and delectable cakes. A lovely bottle of ice cold Prosecco, its glass covered in the condensation that says, ‘chilled to perfection’. Now imagine the bottle of Prosecco that doesn’t run out. it keeps flowing and flowing for two whole hours! That’s right not only will you have some of the finest cakes and sandwiches known to humanity but we’ll keep you in Prosecco for two hours, yes, you read that correctly two whole hours of unlimited Prosecco! A sure fire way of staring your hen do weekend. Start as you mean to continue.

If a Bottomless Afternoon Tea – Unlimited Prosecco hen do weekend sounds right up your street, enquire now so we can put together the best possible package for you.

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