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Dance Workshop

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Learn the moves and grooves to some of your movie favourites such as Fame, Grease or Dirty dancing and boogie the night away. The classes major on having a fun relaxed time, plus you get to put together a dance routine perhaps to show off at the wedding party. Choose from the following themed Dance Workshops: Abba - Have a laugh as you dance along to classics such as "Dancing Queen". Belly Dancing - Some of the most impressive exotic dancing in the world. Bollywood - Express yourself with foot, hand, eye and facial expressions. Burlesque - Learn the art of the striptease with feather boas fans and other props. Cheerleading - Fantastic routines and customised sideline chants with Pom-poms! Dirty Dancing - Heart-pounding music, passionate, sexy dancing to hit songs. Fame - Vibrant dance routines with kicks and leaps to the Fame theme song 'Fame'! Flamenco - Rhythm, Footwork, castanets, movement & clapping to flamenco music. Glee - Combine jazz, Broadway jazz and modern dance to the music of Glee. Grease - Be a Pink lady for a day, with your very own Grease dancing lesson. Mamma-Mia - Be Dancing Queen for a night and learn a routine from the hit musical. Pole Dancing - Fun, exciting and a tremendous way to exercise and improve fitness. Salsa Lessons - Learn the moves and grooves of the classic Spanish dance. Thriller - Learn to perform Michael Jackson's Thriller.

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