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About Hamburg

Why pick a Hamburg Hen Do?

Germany’s second city is one that sees an awful lot of tourism. With nearly seven million tourists a year passing through, it certainly knows how to entertain people from all walks of life and all areas of the world, and as a hen do destination, it is becoming more popular year by year. In fact, Hamburg Hen Dos have been on the rise for several years now, fuelled by a combination of the desire for new hen destinations and the amazing variety of activities that a Hamburg Hen Do is able to offer.

Known for its beautiful architecture, as well as a longstanding contribution to culture and the fact that it’s where the Beatles first played together, Hamburg is a city of many colours, ensuring that whatever your interests, you’ll definitely be entertained in this beautiful city on your Hamburg hen do.

Getting there and Getting around

Direct flights to Hamburg are easy to find at a selection of airports throughout the UK, so no matter where you are all based, you shouldn’t have any issues finding somewhere nearby where you can jump on a plane and find yourself in Hamburg just a couple of hours later. The flights tend to be pretty reasonably priced as well (especially if you get them booked in advance), which is yet another reason that a Hamburg Hen Do is worth pursuing.

Getting around the city once you arrive is also easy. Hamburg has an amazing public transport system, with underground trains, buses and more easily available for you to take advantage of. Which means that no matter where you are and where you need to be, it’s a piece of cake to get to where you are going.

Popular activities

Activities for your Hamburg Hen Do are plentiful, so no matter what your specific desires are, your whole hen do can be arranged to suit exactly what you want. If you fancy such traditional hen do activities such as pole dancing lessons, pamper days and cocktail making, then these are easily available and always enjoyed on a Hamburg Hen Do.

If you fancy something a bit different on your Hamburg Hen Do however, the good news is that this city has a few activities which will feel entirely different to anything else you get to try at any other destination. One popular option for a Hamburg Hen Do is the Prosecco Bike. This is a unique activity where you’ll be pedalling essentially a small bar around the city! It’s a bike with space for your group, so you get to take in the views while also taking in some Prosecco – the best of both worlds.

If you fancy seeing the sights but the idea of pedalling a bike for the afternoon seems too much like hard work for you, why not try one of the cities famous River cruises? After all, this means you get to relax on a beautiful boat and take in all the riverside sights without having to put any physical effort in whatsoever.

And then, on a different note entirely, is the other popular activity for Hamburg Hen Dos – Wakeboarding. For those groups who feel like they want to do something a bit more extreme, and feel the adrenaline rush, why not try skimming along the surface of the water and showing off just how well you can tame the waves.


Nightlife-wise, the Reeperbahn is the area where you will almost definitely be spending your time. A key destination for any Hamburg Hen Do nights out, the Reeperbahn is famous for the vast array of bars and clubs that inhabit the area, which will provide you more entertainment than you can possibly imagine.

Since the Reeperbahn is so large, and so full of great places to drink, we do highly recommend arranging a guided bar crawl. That way a friendly local will show you around and introduce you to all of the bars that are perfect for your Hamburg Hen Do. Then the rest of your nights out can be informed by the bar crawl, meaning that you can re-visit those bars and clubs that you found to be absolutely outstanding.

A night out in Hamburg regularly turns into a morning where you’ll have to get breakfast on the way back to your bed, because you’ll have spent the entire night wrapped up in the amazing atmosphere of this phenomenal city, and isn’t that what you want for a Hamburg Hen Do?


This city is filled with great accommodation options for every type of Hamburg Hen Do. If you want to stay somewhere luxurious and decadent, then that’s fine, we can book you into some of the poshest hotels you’ve ever seen. Maybe your party is at the other end of the spectrum, and just looking for somewhere cheap to stay to keep the budget down? We can arrange that as well.

Another popular Hamburg accommodation option is apartments, meaning that you get a bit of living space alongside the bedrooms that you will be sleeping in. In other words, whatever you want from your Hamburg Hen Do accommodation, this city has the options for you.

In short, a Hamburg Hen Do might not have been immediately at the top of your list, but the combination of amazing atmosphere, great activities and nightlife that is absolutely out of this world should make it clear that a Hamburg Hen Do is definitely worth exploring. Why not get in touch and let us tailor you a perfect quote for your weekend away? After all, you only get to go on your own hen do once!

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