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About Madrid

Why Choose a Madrid Hen Do?

Madrid is a beautiful Spanish city that is absolutely perfect for a Hen Do where you are looking for the maximum amount of sun, shopping and serious relaxation. As the capital city it is obviously full of everything you could ever want within a holiday destination, whilst simultaneously having an atmosphere so much nicer than many other cities of this scale. In fact, a Madrid Hen Do is so perfect that it is often deemed the pinnacle of a Spanish Hen Do. After all, you’ve got temperatures that can reach up to 40 degrees, and it’s the second largest city in the EU. In short, a Madrid Hen Do should be able to fulfil any requirements that you and the girls may have for a perfect weekend away.

How to Get There?

Direct flights to Madrid are available from a variety of airports around the UK. This means that whether you are based in the South West or all the way up in Scotland, there’s an airport nearby that will allow you to fly off to your Madrid Hen Do. With so many flights, the prices are always fluctuating, and you can get some real bargains if you keep an eye out on the best possible times to fly.

Once you get to Madrid, you’ll have no problem getting anywhere that you want to go. Their public transport system is extremely comprehensive, incorporating buses, trains and an underground system to ensure that you can get wherever you want to go on your Madrid Hen Do, whatever time of the day or night you are trying to travel.

Where to Stay?

Accommodation options for your Madrid Hen Do are plentiful and perfectly designed for you. Everything is beautifully centrally located, so no matter where you go drinking on a night out, you’ll find it easy to get back to your accommodation and relax. Madrid has lots of options for hen dos, so whether you want to relax in pure luxury in a posh hotel or would prefer apartments with access to a pool and the free space for all of you to enjoy for the whole weekend, then we can organise it.

Popular activities

With Madrid being as popular as it is, your choices for activities are many and varied. If you want a thrill filled weekend then the options are there - if you fancy tackling the highest of high points, then a high ropes course might suit you and the girls, or if you’d prefer to spend a couple of hours doing the least likely thing you can think of in the Spanish sun, then you can head to the Indoor Ski slope and swap your sun cream for snowboards. If none of that sounds adrenaline inducing enough, why not go for a Tandem Sky Dive? You’ll get to see the country in a very unique fashion if you give that a go. If it would be more fun for the rest of you, you could arrange for just the hen to do the sky dive, while the rest of you watch and have a drink with your feet safely on the ground.

Alternatively, there are a huge number of relaxing options as well – if you want to take in the beautiful scenery in a unique and breath-taking way, then the horse-riding activity will allow you to do that, or you could just relax and get looked after with a traditional pamper day experience.

It wouldn’t be a Spanish Hen Do if I didn’t mention a couple of key activities that will really help you to embrace the Spanish culture. The first is the Spanish Cooking Experience, where you’ll get the chance to see the local market first hand, before heading into the kitchen to create all kinds of tasty dishes. You’ll then get to sit down and enjoy a three course meal with Sangria – a perfect way to see out the afternoon on a Madrid Hen Do.

The other classic Spanish activity is a Flamenco dance class. You’ll get taught the classic Spanish dance of love as you embrace your dance partner and learn moves you never thought you’d be able to pull off – it's great for showing off once you get back home!


When it comes to the nightlife, you can really let your hair down and go wild. Madrid’s bars and clubs are infamous for providing a great night out, and whatever type of music you enjoy, the thriving nightlife scene in Spain’s capital will be able to provide you a perfect night out on your Madrid Hen Do.

If you want to be sure that you are picking the absolute best places to go drinking, then why not add a guided bar tour to your package? These are run by English speaking locals who have been drinking in Madrid for years, and they know all the best bars to visit. In fact, they may even be able to secure you some free shots, organise some drinking games and who knows what else? For many groups, a guided bar tour like this is a great way to start a Madrid Hen Do, as it helps everyone get acclimatised to the nightlife that you’ll be visiting multiple times before the end of the weekend.

In short, a Madrid Hen Do is an absolute whale of a time. Sunny, Sexy and Spanish, your days will be long and the nights will be longer. We tailor all of our quotes to suit your individual group, so why not tell us what you want from a Madrid Hen Do, and we’ll make sure that you are getting everything you want and more besides.

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