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About Malta

Why choose a Malta Hen Do?

Malta is one of the oldest and most beautiful Mediterranean destinations for any holidaymaker. The island has been inhabited for more than eight thousand years at this point, and you’d have to imagine any small island that has been around for that long must be incredibly appealing, and you’d be right. The republic of Malta is beautiful and has long been considered a superb destination for any summer holiday.

So we know that as a destination it is great. But what in particular is it that makes a Malta Hen Do so special? The temperature, for one. The advantage of Malta being in the Mediterranean sea means that average summer temperatures tend to hit 32°C, which is a good deal warmer than you are ever likely to get at home (barring some kind of freak heatwave!). Once you couple that with the amazing activities, the beautiful accommodation and the huge array of things to do, then you’ll quickly find that a Malta Hen Do is definitely one of those options that deserves more than a little consideration.

Getting There and Getting Around

The big questions everyone has when planning a European Hen Do tend to be one (or both) of the following:

  • 1.Are the flights cheap?
  • 2.Can I get a flight from near me?

The good news is that the answer to both questions is likely to be “Yes” for Malta. Flight prices start from as little as £20pp (depending on dates/times travelling etc) and it is served by multiple airlines from multiple airports up and down the country. This is great as it means that no matter where you are travelling from, there are options for you to fly out to your perfect Malta Hen Do.

Once you get there, travelling from the airport to your accommodation tends to be pretty simple. It’s about a fifteen minute drive into the city centre from the airport, and whether you choose to include airport transfers in your package or just want to get taxis or a bus once you arrive, the good news is that it’s all very reasonably priced. In fact, public transport in Malta as a whole is reasonably priced and very easy to use, with the bus network being well known for its convenience.

Things to Do

As you can see from the comprehensive list further down this page, you will never be short of activities on a Malta Hen Do. In fact, your biggest challenge will be to figure out which of the many options you’ll want to try you will prioritise, because after all, you are unlikely to be spending more than two or three days out there, and you’ll probably want to try as many things as you can in that time.

The single most popular activity for Malta Hen Weekends is the Private Boat Charter. This is essential to add a layer of class to any hen do. You get to spend seven whole hours on a boat being navigated around the beautiful Maltese seas, which is one of the most relaxing things that you and the girls are ever likely to experience. Picture it – drink in hand, lying on a boat enjoying the sun, the sea and the amazing views, while surrounded by your best friends. It really does sound like heaven, doesn’t it?

Another hugely popular activity is the wine tasting. Maltese wine is famous throughout the world, and this activity will give you the chance to learn all about the history and how it is made, as well as trying a variety of amazing wines.

Obviously these are just a couple of the many activities that are available to you for your Malta Hen Do. Other activities include such classics as pole dancing and belly dancing classes, pamper days, cocktail making, cooking classes etc, as well as a wide variety of things that you may not have considered as hen do activities but which all provide a great deal of fun regardless.

For example, have you ever wanted to smash things up with no worry about consequences? If so, then the Rage Room is definitely an option for your Malta Hen Do – you can destroy everything in the room and feel that cathartic bliss afterwards! At the other end of the spectrum, horse riding is a popular option in Malta as well, with rides that overlook the popular Maltese beaches as well as a sunset ride where you will watch the sun set over the beautiful Maltese countryside.


We’ve been through a handful of the daytime activities that you could incorporate into your perfect Malta Hen Do, but what about the nightlife? Where do you go? What do you do? Nightlife in Malta is predominantly centred around the Paceville district of St Julian’s, as it is jam packed with bars and clubs that open throughout the night and into the early morning, providing plenty of places for you to drink and dance the night away.

If you fancy being shown around the area by a friendly local guide, why not include a guided bar crawl in your Malta Hen Do package? This popular activity gives you a guide to take you around at least five popular nightspots, with some free drinks on the way just to add to the merriment! It’s a great way to get to know the local area, and if you do it the first night you get there, then you’ll find it means you are familiar with the best bars (and those that might not be as good) when you go out every other night of your Malta Hen Do.

Other nightlife options are also available, with a party bus, karaoke and a reserved table with drinks included at a popular nightclub among the other options often included in a Malta Hen Do package.

Given all that we’ve talked about, how does a trip to Malta for your Hen Do sound? If you’d like more information or for us to tailor make you a quote, then please get in touch and we’ll gladly get the ball rolling on your perfect Malta Hen Do.

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