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About Marbella

Why choose a Marbella Hen Do?

Marbella (or “Marbz” as it is known) has grown to become one of the most popular European hen do destinations that we offer – and it definitely deserves to be one. This city on the Costa Del Sol is well known for being a place where celebrities buy homes specifically to relax – after all, if Antonio Banderas has a house there for his holiday needs it must be the place to go, right?

We’re not suggesting that you should go on a Marbella Hen Do just on the off chance you are going to run into Antonio Banderas, or any of the other celebrities who either live in Marbella or visit regularly, but it does show just how appealing this place can be, when you have stars from the worlds of film, TV, music and more all making it their perfect holiday destination.

Getting there and Getting around

A Marbella Hen Do is easy to get to from a variety of UK airports, with some great value flights being available depending on your day of travel – so get in early to make sure you get the best prices! In order to make sure that your Marbella Hen Do arrival is as smooth as possible, we can even arrange for some transfers to pick you up from the airport and take you all the way to your hotel, ensuring that you don’t have to wait around to get the party started

Where to Stay?

Marbella provides everything you’d want for a classy hen do, with luxurious accommodation easily available and an atmosphere that supplies the best vibes you’ve ever encountered on a girl's weekend. The most popular accommodation type for any Marbella Hen Do does tend to be apartment accommodation. After all, what’s better for a weekend away with the girls than being able to stay somewhere that has bedrooms AND a living area, and also has access to a pool? Perfection.

Popular activities

With over thirty activities available at the drop of a hat, your time on a Marbella Hen Do doesn’t just need to be spent by the pool or on the beach – although those are both always viable options, obviously! For many ladies, the Catamaran Cruise is an absolute must, taking you around the beautiful coast as you enjoy a quiet drink and bask in the beautiful sunshine. This can be one of our most popular Marbella Hen Do activities, as it really gives you the chance to soak up the destination in all its glory.

That’s not the only popular activity amongst the groups who arrange Marbella Hen Dos with us. Flamenco Dance classes are always exceedingly popular, as since you are in Spain, you may as well embrace the beauty and perfection of this classic Spanish dance style and learn how to really put on a show. Wine tasting is always popular as well, giving you and the girls the chance to taste an array of Spanish wines and really embrace the local produce.

If you are looking for an activity that is a bit more energetic on your Marbella Hen Do, then the next logical choice is the Jet Ski. After all, these are the equivalent of motorbikes on the sea – they are powerful, exciting and thrilling – and you’re not likely to get many chances to try them again, so why not give them a try whilst you are away?


Now we have reached the nightlife, which is absolutely out of this world. For most Marbella Hen Dos, we’d recommend relaxing in a Spanish restaurant and enjoying a traditional Tapas dinner to start the evening. Not only will this fill you up and ensure that your stomachs are well lined prior to drinking, but it also means you’ll get a chance to taste the wide array of amazing flavours that Marbella has to offer for you.

Once your dinner is eaten, then it’s time to head out into the wild and explore the world-famous nightlife that Marbella has to offer. The bars and pubs are plentiful and all very friendly, meaning that your night out will have one of the greatest atmospheres of any night out you have ever had. If you’d like to get some insight from a local when it comes to the best places to drink on your Marbella Hen Do, then it’s probably worth adding the guided bar tour to your package – at least for the first night.

This will mean that you get an English-speaking local guide who can take you to the bars that will be the best for your group. Whatever you are looking for – great value, great music, fabulous drinks – your guide will be able to find you the most perfect venues ever for your Marbella Hen Do. They’ll also encourage you in some fun games, and arrange for some free drinks to come your way as well, which is always a nice bonus!

Once you’ve finished in the pubs and bars, then it’s time to move on to the nightclubs. Marbella has a wide array of clubs, all playing various different types of music, so whatever would best suit your group of ladies, you’ll be able to find it on your Marbella Hen Do.

And there you have it. All the reasons that a Marbella Hen Do is one of the best ideas that you’ve ever had. If that sounds like fun, and you’d like to plan your Marbella Hen Do as soon as possible, then just get in touch with us and we’ll take all the hassle away, personalising a quote and ensuring that you get the best weekend away that you’ve ever had.

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