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About Exeter

Reasons to Visit

Exeter offers a great backdrop for your hen do. This Southwestern City offers everything a hen do could possibly want, from local attractions, a great selection of accommodation, a broad spectrum of activities and as it is a university city it has a bustling nightlife. Being on the south coast it has higher average temperatures than the more northern hen do destinations, and it has some award-winning beaches if you just fancy relaxing by the sea on your Exeter Hen Do.

This city can provide a great selection of activities and nightlife to fill out your Exeter Hen Do (which we’ll discuss in a moment), however it’s not just the activities and nightlife that makes Exeter really pop, as there are plenty of other things to see and do whilst you are in between your planned activities. Why not take a stroll through the beautiful Northernhay Gardens (the oldest public open space in England) or maybe check out one of the narrowest streets in the world, Parliament Street. Then there’s The House That Moved, a charming twenty-one tonne Tudor house that they literally strapped up and moved inch by inch to its new location to make way for a new road. These little quirks really help to make Exeter the hen weekend destination that it is and gives it its identity.


Like many university cities, Exeter has plenty of accommodation available for groups and individuals alike. No matter what your budget or desires may be, this city will provide somewhere perfect for your Exeter hen do to call home for the duration of the weekend. Hotels, B&Bs, Guest Houses and more are all available for you to book, and we’ve ensured that they are all nice and close to the city centre, to prevent you having to stagger too far at the end of your night out.

Popular activities

As charming as a city is, it wouldn’t be a hen do without some activities, and s mentioned before the available options for your Exeter Hen Do cover a broad spectrum. This means that whatever your interests may be, we can ensure that your Exeter Hen Do contains the perfect activities to match. With more than seventy activities to choose from (at the time of writing), let’s just look at a couple of the more popular options for you.

With Exeter being a coastal city, there are of course various water-based activities that are an option for your Exeter Hen Do. These include Kayaking, Surfing and Wakeboarding, but the most commonly booked water-based activity for any Exeter Hen Do in recent years has been paddleboarding. Paddleboarding has become a truly fashionable activity of late, and why shouldn’t it be? It’s like a more relaxing version of surfing, where you still get to enjoy the excitement of floating out on the ocean with just a board between you and the sea, but as it’s a paddleboard, you’ve got the paddle to help you stabilise yourself and steer – in other words, you can go wherever you want without being worried about falling off or crashing into other people.

Another hugely popular area of activities for an Exeter Hen Do is team competitions. After all, whenever you have a group of ladies all together, there is always the possibility of competitive natures coming into play, so why not embrace that and pick one of the activities that encourage such competition? The popular options here are either the Old School Sports Day or the Olympic Shames activity. Both of these see you split into teams and competing to see who is the best (and who will be able to brag about it for the rest of the weekend) - the essential difference between the two is that the Old School Sports Day focusses on activities you will have done as a child such as the egg and spoon race and the three legged race, whereas the Olympic Shames has all new adult-themed activities such as “Twerk Off” and the infamous “Is it in yet?”

This is just a taster of the great selection of activities that an Exeter Hen Do can provide – as you can see from the links below, there are so many others to consider.


Exeter is filled with some of the friendliest pubs and bars you’ll ever encounter. A night out on your Exeter Hen Do will be filled with excitement, laughter, drinks, dancing and everything else you could ever want. Why not start by Northerhay gardens and follow the roads to see how many drinking establishments you can visit in the space of one evening? With wine and cocktails galore available throughout the city, it’s a perfect start to a night out.

Once you’ve been to all the bars you fancy, and you want to graduate to somewhere in which you’ll see the rest of the night through, then it’s time to pick a nightclub. Luckily, Exeter has a range of nightclubs, playing all kinds of music (some of them even have live music on occasion), and providing great drinks and dancing from the time you get there until early in the morning. Once your feet are sore from dancing, it’ll be time to stagger back to your hotel and get some sleep, waking up refreshed and ready to do it all over again.

If you like the sound of a Exeter Hen Do then why not get in touch to see what we can arrange for you? We tailor make every quote for every hen do to ensure that you get everything you want or need in your perfect weekend away, so give us a call and tell us what you want, and we’ll get it all planned for you as soon as possible.

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