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About Torquay

Why should I choose a Torquay Hen Do?

Torquay – a town that is known as the English Riviera – is the perfect place for a Hen Do. With its beautiful sea views, relaxing atmosphere and the mildest temperatures in the UK, it is an absolute beauty of a destination for any hen group, regardless of age, likes or desires. You can get everything you’ve ever wanted as part of your Torquay Hen Do and you’ll be able to soak up some beautiful scenery at the same time – doesn't that sound perfect?

Of course, most people who choose a Torquay Hen Do choose it for one reason – relaxation. This is one of the most peaceful towns you could ever choose for your hen do, with beautiful scenery, gorgeous beaches and wonderful sea breezes that will help you to achieve a zen-like relaxation state throughout your weekend away.

Where to Stay?

The perfection of a Torquay Hen Do starts with the accommodation options. After all, what good is a beautiful destination if it doesn’t provide you with amazing places to stay? Luckily, in Torquay, there’s a plentiful supply of choice in accommodation type and location, meaning that you’ll be able to tailor your accommodation to suit the group.

With a wide selection of beautiful and traditional seaside hotels to choose from, you and the girls will be able to rest your heads in a comfortable and well-located hotel, guest house, B&B, or even some Bespoke Hen Accommodation. Whichever you choose, your accommodation will also act as a perfect base for the rest of the hen do.

Popular activities

But what is there to do in Torquay? It may not have the busy reputation of London or Bristol, but as it turns out, Torquay is tailor-made to serve you up some perfect Hen Weekend activities. You can take to the stage in a variety of dance classes – with options from Abba to Zumba and everything in-between! If the sea is calling out to you, then surfing is one of the most popular activities in Torquay – so squeeze into your wetsuit and see who can tackle the waves the best.

If these activities seem a bit too energetic for your relaxing Torquay Hen Do, then why not fully embrace the relaxation by booking a pamper day? You’ll get access to a wide range of facilities including a pool, a sauna and more – and you can even book a treatment or two to really help you sink into that feeling of pure relaxation. If you’ve booked yourselves into the Bespoke Hen Accommodation and you just wanted to be pampered, you can even book the Mobile Pamper session and have your treatments done in the accommodation, so you don’t even have to go outside!

If you want to continue your theme of relaxation into the rest of the Torquay Hen Do, then you should do so. And lets be honest, what’s a better way to relax than by heading off to a Cocktail Making class? Not only do you get to hang out with your friends and learn how to make some of the tastiest drinks you’ve ever experienced – but you get to drink them all as well – a perfect combination.


A night out on a Torquay Hen Do is an out of this world experience. This town has such a lovely atmosphere that you will feel welcome anywhere you want to visit on your night out. But don’t mistake a lovely atmosphere for a quiet night out – Torquay is energetic, exciting and full of great places for you and the girls to spend your evenings.

To start with, why not head out to one of the many great restaurants that this town has to offer, and enjoy a tasty meal with the ladies before you go drinking? Whether you just want a quick snack or a three course meal, you’ve got plenty of choice on your Torquay Hen Do to enjoy some great food and line your stomach for the inevitable drinking that is going to ensue after the meal has ended.

With your meal eaten and your energy replenished, it’s time to head out on the town. The good news here is that Torquay has a great selection of pubs and bars for you to pick from, and they’re all located pretty close to each other. That means that you can sample a great selection of them and find the one that you like the most, giving you somewhere to sit down, drink and laugh the night away.

After the bars and pubs have all been enjoyed, most groups tend to find that the next logical step is to head to a nightclub. Torquay has a great selection of these, offering a wide variety of music and styles, so no matter what you may be looking for in a nightclub for your Torquay Hen Do, you’ll find it here. Before you know it, you’ll be taking advantage of drinks promotions and dancing the night away with all of your best friends surrounding you, before staggering back to your accommodation early in the morning, having had one of the best nights out of your life.

So there you have it. A Torquay Hen Do sounds absolutely amazing, don’t you agree? It’s definitely something for you to consider for you and the girls, so get in touch and tell us exactly what you’d like (and what your ideal budget is), and we’ll craft you a personalised package for your Torquay Hen Do. With this, you’ll get the chance to you experience everything you could possibly want on this perfect hen weekend away, without breaking the bank.

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