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About Valencia

Why choose a Valencia Hen Do?

Spain’s third largest city (after Barcelona and Madrid), Valencia has long been a popular destination for all kinds of holiday groups, and hen dos are no exception to this rule. It has the trio of requirements that are often asked for on a hen do – Sun, Sea and Sand, which make it an appealing and exciting place for you and the girls to spend a weekend away.

A Valencia Hen Do has all kinds of advantages – great nightlife, brilliant activities, scorching sun – all of these are essential. It is also full of history, culture and beautiful scenery, as well as providing all the modern luxuries a hen do requires – so there’s really no reason not to consider it for your hen do.

Getting there and Getting around

Getting to Valencia is much less complicated than you might imagine. To start with, there are a great selection of flights available from a selection of UK airports. These flights tend to be very reasonably priced, meaning that you can find yourselves on your way to a Valencia Hen Do with money in your pocket and smiles on your faces.

Once you arrive, getting into the city centre is no bother at all. Whether you choose to incorporate airport transfers into your Valencia Hen Do package or just jump on the metro or bus, it will only take about twenty minutes before you’ve arrived at your destination. As for getting around in Valencia, the aforementioned metro, buses and taxis will ensure that you can easily get anywhere you need to with minimal fuss.


The accommodation options for a Valencia Hen Do are many and varied, with most groups choosing apartment-style accommodation for a couple of reasons. Firstly it gives you space to hang out with the girls without everyone crowding into one hotel bedroom, and secondly a lot of them also come with access to a pool – a perfect addition to your Valencia Hen Do.

There are, of course, other options – hotels with leisure facilities and other bespoke accommodations for you to choose from if you want to make your Valencia Hen Do just that extra bit special for you and the ladies who are there with you.

Popular activities

Being by the sea and having some of the hottest weather you are ever likely to experience, a lot of the activities available on a Valencia Hen Do take advantage of both of these factors, giving you a wide range of options that truly embrace the coastal location as well as the beautiful weather.

The most popular option for any Valencia Hen Do is, of course, the Catamaran Cruise. After all, there’s no better way to enjoy the sun than by cruising around the beautiful blue sea, taking in the amazing sights and sipping a drink or three while you do so.

Other popular outdoor activities include Coasteering (where you can explore the local area by climbing cliffs and jumping down valleys), Scuba Diving (which is an absolutely breath taking experience to be a part of, especially if you’ve never tried it before), Surfing (which will really get your heart pumping) and loads more. But these aren’t the only available options for your Valencia Hen Do – you can enjoy a range of other activities while you are there as well – the Flamenco lesson is a popular option to truly embrace the Spanish culture, along with traditional activities such as cocktail making and pamper days.

Whatever activities you decide to take part in for your Valencia Hen Do, you’ll find yourselves very entertained and hugely excited for the entire trip, so have a look at the full list below and pick some of the options that most excite you – there’s plenty to choose from, so go ahead!


A Valencia Hen Do is already looking pretty good to you right now, isn’t it? The good news is, that we haven’t even touched the nightlife yet, and that’s the time when Valencia truly comes alive. This city is full of bars and other exciting nightspots that are just waiting for you and the girls to arrive so that you can drink your way through a great night out.

In fact, the number of bars available can be slightly intimidating, so if you want to really take advantage of some solid local knowledge and really feel like you are getting the best Valencia Hen Do night out that you possibly can, why not choose to include one of our popular Bar Crawls in your Valencia Hen Do package?

These bar crawls are an absolutely brilliant way of getting to explore the local area. You’ll be shown around to the best bars in the area by a local, english-speaking guide whose sole purpose is to ensure that you and the girls have the best possible time on your Valencia Hen Do. They will take you to the best bars, get you free drinks (and find some discounts as well) and play some great games throughout your night out. Once the crawl is over, you’ll almost definitely find yourselves in one of the cities most popular nightclubs, drinking and dancing the night away until the sun comes up.

If this all sounds perfect to you, get in touch and let us price you up the Valencia Hen Do of your dreams. Whatever your requirements are and whatever your budget may be, we’ll personalise your weekend plan so that you are able to experience everything you could possibly want to experience on a Valencia Hen Do. Doesn’t a weekend away with the girls to Spain sound appealing? You know it does…

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