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About Belfast

Reasons to visit

Belfast is a city that knows how to have a good time! The capital of Northern Ireland has long been famed as a great destination for any celebration, so a Belfast Stag Do is clearly going to be a weekend that no-one will ever forget (assuming that you don’t drink so much that you lose all memory of the weekend!) This city has everything you’d need for an amazing stag weekend, with friendly locals that love a good pint, a brilliant atmosphere across the city and some of the best nightclubs you’ve ever been to in your life.

In fact, Belfast is one of the most visited places in Northern Ireland, and with the reputation that Northern Ireland has for being somewhere that the drinks flow and the pubs are plentiful, why wouldn’t you consider a Belfast Stag Do?

How to get there?

Getting to Belfast is easier than you might think. Flights to Belfast are available from all major UK destinations, so whether you are as far north as Glasgow or as far south as Bristol, flying out to Belfast is easy and (usually) cheap. If you don’t fancy a flight and you are travelling from the west coast of the country, you can even get a ferry over from certain locations, if you’d prefer. You don’t even need to worry about a passport, as one is not legally required to travel to Belfast! (Although I should point out that both airlines and ferries will require SOME kind of photo ID, just not necessarily a passport).

Once you’ve arrived, the good news is that Belfast Airport is only about ten minutes drive from the city centre, so it really won’t be long before your Belfast Stag Do is up and running, having a drink in your hotel bar before heading out to explore the city.

Where to Stay?

I just mentioned hotels, so this seems like a good moment to bring up accommodation. Like most big cities, Belfast is packed with a large amount of accommodation options that will suit your Belfast Stag Do, no matter what your requirements may be. If you just want a chain hotel that offers nothing more than beds to sleep in at a great price, that can easily be arranged. Alternatively, if you want something a bit grander – whether that is apartment-style accommodation so that you feel like you have a home from home all weekend, or whether that’s a posher hotel with facilities you can take advantage of, Belfast can accommodate you with all of these options and more.

Popular activities

Belfast offers a wide range of stag activities to fill your days with! Whether you fancy going into battle against your mates with a game of airsoft, or challenging each other on an assault course, there is a great selection of competitive physical activities to choose from. Alternatively, if your stag would prefer something a little more relaxing, your party could pick up their pencils and have a go at some nude life drawing. Don't worry - a very lovely female model is provided, so you won't be drawing one of your mates!

If your Belfast Stag Do is made up of lads with whom you have been on several stag parties by this point, why not look into some activities that are a little different to what you’ve done before? A great example of this is zorbing. Whether you're strapped down or in free-fall using a soaking zorb, this might be your only opportunity to be thrown down a hill at exhilarating speeds in a hamster ball. Just make sure that you don't drink too much beforehand!

You could even round off the day with a private poker tournament, giving you a chance to win some beer money off the rest of the boys before you head out for the night's festivities. After all, what are your mates for if you can’t beat them at poker and drink the winnings?


Do you know the phrase "go big or go home"? It's believed that this originates in Belfast as a response to people asking if they should just have just the one or start an all night pub crawl. Either way, it’s an understatement to say that Belfast comes to life after dark.

If you like the idea of some locals showing you around (and also like the idea of the locals being soft on the eyes), then why not try the Bar Crawl babes? These ladies will have all the inside track on what bars and pubs are the best for your Belfast Stag Do – they’ll even keep hold of the kitty and queue at the bar for you. Which is great, because as we all know, beautiful women get served at the bar before anyone else! Make note of the places that they take you (especially if you book them for your first night out), so that you can revisit the best locations again the next day.

Belfast’s nightlife is well designed, with some of the finest pubs and clubs just a short walk from each other. This is perfect, as it means you won’t spend time or money travelling around, and instead your Belfast Stag Do will spend the evening experiencing one of the biggest nights out that money can buy!

So if some boozy shenanigans in Northern Ireland sounds like a great option, get in touch and we’ll tailor make you a quote for your perfect Belfast Stag Do. Better be quick though, as Belfast is proving to be more and more popular as time goes on, and the best packages get booked up fast!

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