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Stag Do Weekends in Belfast

About Belfast

Belfast is a city that knows how to have a good time! This Northern Irish city has long been famed as a great destination for any celebration, and stag weekends have long been a part of that. With friendly locals that love a good pint, Belfast has a brilliant atmosphere across the city and stag parties are welcomed with open arms!

Belfast offers a wide range of stag activities to fill your days with! Whether you fancy going into battle against your mates with a game of airsoft, or challenging each other on an assault course, there is a great selection competitive physical activities to choose from. Alternatively, if you'd prefer something that's a little more relaxing, you could pick up a pencil and have a go at some nude life drawing. Don't worry - a very lovely female model is provided, so you won't be drawing one of your mates! For stag parties looking for something a little bit different, why not try zorbing? Whether you're strapped down or in free-fall using a soaking zorb, this might be your only opportunity to be thrown down a hill at exhilarating speeds in a hamster ball. Just make sure that you don't drink too much beforehand! You could even round off the day with a private poker tournament, giving you a chance to win some beer money off the rest of the boys before you head out for the night's festivities.

And trust us, those festivities will be huge! Do you know the phrase "go big or go home"? It's believed that this originates in Belfast as a response to people asking if they should just have one or two drinks, or if they should make a night of it and travel the city's many pubs, bars and clubs. We strongly advise taking that advice and enjoying one of the biggest nights out that you'll ever experience!

So if some boozy shenanigans in Northern Ireland sounds like a great option, give us a call today to arrange your perfect stag do weekend in Belfast!

What Can You Do In Belfast?