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About Coventry

Reasons to visit

University towns are famous for their nightlife, and in that respect Coventry outshines most others as it has not one, but two universities! That's twice as many bars, twice as many clubs and twice as much totty for you to enjoy on your Coventry Stag Do. This city is basically a perfect stag do destination for many reasons. The first is convenience as it is located smack bang in the middle of the midlands, so it’s easy to get to for all of your guests.

Another reason that a Coventry Stag Do is perfect, is that it has all the conveniences of a huge city without the overcrowding and queuing you have to deal with in places like London and Birmingham. In fact, if you are looking for a city-based stag do in the UK, you’d be hard pushed to come up with a better option. Coventry is a fast-growing destination for stag dos so it’s time for you to jump on the bandwagon and join in!

Popular activities

If there’s one thing that a Coventry has plenty of, it’s activities. There are a great selections of things for you to choose, meaning whatever type of activity you are looking for on your Coventry Stag Do, this city will easily provide it for you. For example, if you are a group who enjoy a game of football but fancy something a little bit different to really make the weekend memorable, why not try out our Electric Shock Football? This is as much fun as it sounds, with a game of five a side going on, with one more person on each team holding the zappers. They can choose to delivery an inconvenient electric shock to anyone on the pitch at any time, which certainly adds an air of excitement to the proceedings!

Maybe you are a group who’d enjoy doing something you don’t get the chance to do often? If that’s the case, and you want something sporty that you may not have tried before and certainly don’t get to do every day, why not book a session of Indoor Snowboarding at the custom-made facility in the local area? You’ll get some instruction and assistance as needed, so no matter what skills levels are amongst you, the entire of your Coventry Stag Do will soon be zooming downhill in the best possible way.

Not all of the activities that Coventry has to offer are sports related of course – in fact, there are plenty that are related to other things. If you want to explore the area whilst still in competition with your mates, why not try the Pub Crawl Treasure Hunt? Alternatively, some people prefer a more relaxed kind of activity – if that sounds more like you then why not deal in to a hand of poker in your own personal poker tournament. It doesn’t matter if you can’t remember your full houses from your royal flushes – the dealer provided will make sure everyone is up to speed and keep the game running perfectly.

The last activity I want to highlight for your Coventry Stag Do is a reasonably new one for us and is perfect if you want to stitch the stag up! Our Life Drawing Stitch-Up activity is definitely something that is worth booking! The session will start as a normal life drawing session with a beautiful female model, before the decision is made “on the spot” that the stag should take the place of the model himself. This never fails to be hilarious, and will lead to a Coventry Stag Do that you talk about for years to come.


So you can line up a perfect daytime for your stag do weekend, but what about the nightlife? Well the good news is that Coventry is absolutely chock full of bars and more for your Coventry Stag Do to take full advantage of. Given that this is a double university city (which means double the nightlife), it can be worth arranging for a guide to show you around the best drinking establishments around.

What better guide can there be, than the amazing Bar Crawl Babes? These ladies know their stuff, with local knowledge in spades to ensure that you go to the best pubs and bars and find the best drinks offers. They’ll even hold the kitty and do the queueing at the bar for you, so you can all just sit around and relax while the drinks are brought to you. Coventry has a great selection of pubs and bars, with everything from classic pubs where you can enjoy a pint in peace through to chain pubs with their great drinks offers, cocktail bars and loads more.

After you’ve finished with the numerous pubs and bars that you will visit, the evening isn’t over yet! Coventry has a great selection of nightclubs that provide a great range of music for you to dance to, or if you’d prefer some other end-of-evening entertainment, why not visit one of the cities popular gentlemen’s clubs or spend a couple of hours trying your luck at a casino table?

In short, a Coventry Stag Do is a perfect fit for many groups. Well located, great value for money and with nightlife options that will keep you partying right through until the next morning – what more could you want? We pride ourselves on tailor making all of our quotes to suit exactly what the group want and that’s no different with a Coventry Stag Do. Give us a call (or pop us an email) and let us know exactly what you are after, and we’ll create you the perfect quote.

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