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Stag Do Weekends in Coventry

About Coventry

University towns are famous for their nightlife, and in that respect Coventry outshines most others as it has not one, but two universities! That's twice as many bars, twice as many clubs and twice as much totty for you to enjoy. Why aren't you already there?

There’s just so much for you to get up to during the day. If you fancy a game of football that’s a bit out of the ordinary, then our Electric Shock Football is clearly the option for you. If you fancy something sporty that’s a bit more specialised, then a session of Indoor Snowboarding will help you zoom downhill in the best possible way.

Alternatively, some people prefer a more relaxed kind of activity – if that sounds more like you then why not deal in to a hand of poker in your own personal poker tournament. And if you fancy stitching up the stag, then our new Life Drawing Stitch-Up activity is DEFINITELY one to consider!

So you can line up a perfect daytime for your stag do weekend, but what about the nightlife? Well the good news is that Coventry is absolutely chock full of bars and more. So whether you want to explore yourself or fancy getting the Bar Crawl Babes to show you the best places to drink, then you’ll have a brilliant night. And with casinos, gentlemen’s clubs and nightclubs galore, you won’t have to end your night any time soon – as long as you are still standing, you can still be partying.

Basically, it is a perfect destination for your stag do weekend. Located smack bang in the middle of the midlands itself, Coventry has a huge selection of activities and nightlife and is a fast-growing destination for stag weekends – it’s time for you to jump on the bandwagon and join in!

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What Can You Do In Coventry?