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About Belfast

Reasons to Visit

Belfast is always a popular place for a hen do for many reasons. It’s a beautiful city, full of friendly people, and it is well know that the Irish are some of the best partiers that you’ll ever find yourself amongst. This is especially true when Hen Weekends are concerned. This means that Belfast is one of the best destinations to consider for your hen do, the capital of Northern Ireland, it contains a perfect mix of excitement and alcohol – so whatever you enjoy doing, Belfast has definitely got you covered.

A Belfast Hen Do might not have been high on your list, but this is the twelfth largest city in the UK (which means it’s larger than you thought it was), and as such it has all of the advantages of a major city, while being much friendlier than many other major cities, who I won’t name here, but you know which ones I am thinking of!

Where to Stay?

We’ll ensure that you stay in well-located accommodation for your Belfast Hen Do, and as there are plenty of options, we can ensure that whatever we select is tailor made for the type of hen do you are trying to plan. If you (or the hen) fancies a hugely luxurious weekend where you can relax and enjoy yourselves regardless of cost, then we can offer you some of the poshest hotels filled with facilities and on-site excitement. Alternatively, you might be planning to spend most of your time away from the hotel, and just want somewhere within budget where you can put your head down for the night. Whatever the requirements, we’ll be able to provide the perfect accommodation for your Belfast Hen Do.

Popular activities

This city is bursting at the seams with activity options for your Belfast Hen Do, with more than sixty five options available to you at the time of writing. As with the accommodation, the key thing is what you (or the hen if you are planning it on her behalf) want out of the weekend. For some groups, a Belfast Hen Do is best when it’s filled with adrenaline fuelled activities that you’d never get to do at home. For those hen parties, the coasteering option comes highly recommend, as you’ll get to explore the local area, climbing cliffs, descending ravines and just burning off large amounts of energy throughout the activity.

If you are the sort of Belfast Hen Do who would prefer something a little more relaxing and informative, why not board the city bus tour and take in the atmosphere and culture that this five thousand year old city can offer?

These are just two of the many options available – other hugely popular activities in Belfast include the many different types of dance class that are available to you, mixing up a storm in a cocktail making class (one of our most popular activities), or if you are the sort of group who like a giggle and are not easily embarrassed, why not head off for some foreplay lessons, though that may not be a great idea if the mother of the bride has come on the hen do!

Getting there and Getting around

Getting to Belfast is remarkably easy. Easily accessible from more than fifteen of the airports in the mainland UK, flights are cheap and frequent. With Belfast City Airport being located just a ten minute bus ride from the city centre, you can be off the plane and in a central bar in less than half an hour, and after all, isn’t that the dream?

Getting around the city is easy in itself. The area you will probably spend the most time in (the downtown area) is all very compact and with plenty of bars, hotels, pubs and restaurants all close to each other, you probably won’t need to get into any transport! However, if you do, then there are plenty of frequent buses as well as taxi options, to ensure that you get to where you are going quickly and safely.


For your evening entertainment, why not sit down and enjoy a great meal at one of Belfast’s beautiful restaurants before heading out into the evening? With plenty of chain restaurants and local ones all offering a wide range of cuisines, it’s the perfect way to start a night out. After all, you’ll need some sustenance before you tackle Belfast’s large array of bars, pubs and clubs – make sure you’ve eaten well so that you can consume as many cocktails as you want!

Once you are full up and ready to hit the town, the good news is that the majority of the most popular bars and pubs are within the same tiny area, so you can flit between them, finding the ones that you like and making a note so you can return to them later. Nights out in Belfast are always full of friendly locals and an amazing atmosphere, I’ve never been out anywhere else that feels like a night out in Belfast feels.

Once you’ve finished in the bars and pubs, there are plenty of nightclubs in Belfast as well, so whatever your musical preference or requirements for your Belfast Hen Do, you’ll find somewhere for you and the girls to dance the night away in this amazing city.

In short, a Belfast Hen Do is clearly one of the best decisions you’ll ever make. Why not get in touch and let us know what your preferences are, and we’ll tailor make you a perfect quote for your perfect weekend away. After all, it’d be rude not to!

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